Re-purchasing a movie, will I get charged twice?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Rayfire, Dec 29, 2008.

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    Sorry if I somehow missed this question if it has been asked before, but I searched the Apple iTunes FAQs for Movies, even their support and I couldn't really find the answer for this one.

    Now I know that for Apps purchased from the iTunes App store, once you've purchased it - you can redownload it again for free, from a different computer than yours as long as it's authorized. And you don't get charged twice.

    My question is does this apply the same as to Movies purchased on iTunes? I'm planning to share movies on the laptop that I bought for my mom but I'm just wary of getting charged multiple times. Hopefully someone could answer my question, and forgive me if I missed this somehow in our forums. Thanks in advance!
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    iTunes only downloads music and videos once per purchase. If you want to transfer content, the only possible way (without being charged twice) would be by using a USB key or an external HDD.

    The only reason that I can imagine iTunes allows you to redownload purchased apps would be for updates to that specific application (iTunes thinks that, by downloading the app again, you are 'updating' your previous version of it).
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    Thanks for the reply. I've searched the Apple Support discussions too and used my iPhone to "Transfer Purchases" to the new laptop, but apparently the movie turned out to be sluggish (millisecond delay on audio-video, yes it sucks)

    So I need to find a USB flash drive for this, and this is why I wished the iPhone could do but it can't. I'll be looking for a good external HDD then.
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    I understand where you're coming from; it kinda sucks that you can't use the iPhone and iPod touch as disk drives as you could with other iPod models. It's desperately-needed functionality if you ask me!

    There is an app called Air Sharing (Link) which lets you store stuff on the iPhone and then access it without tethering your iPhone to your computer, but that functionality costs money whereas using an iPod as a disk drive comes with the software.

    Hopefully Apple will include this functionality at some point during the iPhone's life cycle.
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    I know. I'm actually trying to find a different route rather than purchasing a $50+ HDD just to move a couple of purchased movies to a new laptop. So far transferring purchases from an iPhone especially movies doesn't do any good. I don't know if Air Sharing can handle 1-2GB movies in a decent connection, can they?
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    You will be charged again if you download the movie again.

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