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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Mini-Mac, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Hello everyone,

    Well I'm still at it - trying to install OS X 10.5 on my 1 GHz 17-inch Al PowerBook G4. Since my PowerBook's built-in Stupid Drive won't read the newer dual layer DVD-R discs, I have thought of another avenue. I have formatted and setup my 8 GB USB drive as a Startup Volume and then used Disk Utility's "Restore" feature to copy the contents of my Mac OS X Install DVD to the USB drive, being careful to NOT select any OS 9 drivers during the USB drive setup process. The problem I'm having now is that I can't seem to mount the USB drive as a Startup Volume. Not even when I start the PowerBook while holding down the "option" key. No Startup drives have ever appeared, just the watch's minute hand endlessly circling and the computer's cooling fan occasionally turning on. I also tried to use the "Command-Option-o-f" to boot into Open Firmware. I tried to change some of the boot-device parameters, but to no avail. If anyone has some ideas, I'd welcome them! :)
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    I have had some issues installing on powerbooks with a flash drive. Try a run of the mill USB 2.0 hard drive, (i found simple tech didnt work) perhaps a western digital....

    Otherwise, you will need a retail copy of the 10.5 disk... The G4 Powerbook should read that, it just cant read a burned copy because it is DL-
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    Some of the older PowerBooks cannot boot from an USB device, if I remember correctly. If you have access to another machine that is cabable of reading DL-DVDs, connect your PowerBook using a Firewire cable and then start it while holding down 'T'. This will mount the PowerBook's harddrive as an external harddrive on the other Mac. Then install Leopard.

    Aren't Leopard's retail copies also DL? Does it depend whether they're DL+ or DL-? confused...
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    Yes, DL+ is not available for burning to consumers. Just like a DVD movie, they are DL, and the powerbook can play them...but they are DL+
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    Thanks ... now I'm getting it.

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