Reactivating a blacklisted iphone?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by cooperidol, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Hi, about a month ago i lost my iphone and claimed a new one through my insurance. yesterday whilst stripping down and cleaning our sofa, my wife found it wedged down the side.
    Obviously i had it blacklisted when i reported it lost to O2 (UK), my question is can i ring them up to lift the blacklisting without running into issues? my insurance was with a seperate company, and i am hoping that O2 would lift the blacklist without reffering me to my insurer. if that was to be the case i would just use it as a glorified ipod touch. thanks for your time
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    Why not explain to the insurance company what happened?
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    Once you have paid your excess on the insurance the handset is yours.

    Contact 02 to lift the barr.

    As an example ;

    My son was mugged of a psp gaming handheld.

    I claimed , paid the excess and received a new psp.

    A month after the police arrested some teenagers and found the psp which they returned to me after the court case.

    I spoke to my insurance company and I was told both devices were mine.
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    It really depends on the item, the laws, and the company. I work for an insurance company and I know that if we pay out for a stolen item, if the item is ever recovered then we own it.
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    You need to check the terms of the insurance policy. If the terms say that you can keep the (now recovered) original phone then you should have absolutely no problem getting O2 to unblock it.

    If it is not your device to keep then O2 could query it.

    If you post the name of the company that the insurance was with then we could give you a more definitive answer.

    Insurance Fraud is a very serious crime. You could get a prison term of up to 10 years or a fine if caught.
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    There is no way that you can make that claim.

    Most insurance policies state clearly that if you find the original device that it belongs to the insurance company and you must contact them immediately.

    If they then say that you can keep the device that is up to them.
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    Im posting from my own experiance.

    On balance its fair to say its upto the insurance company and policy T&C's.
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    Thanks for the replies. Bearing in mind that O2 have no affiliation with the insurance company I'm using, what's to stop me asking them to unblacklist it (would they care) and if I get queried about it, saying I never made a claim for a new phone?
    I know we are getting into merky waters here, but as I've been paying £12 a month with this company for the last 3 years I have no moral qualms about turning this honest episode into a bit of good fortune for me. Cheers
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    Murky waters is a lazy way of saying you will impeach your intergrity and honesty for the sake of a gadget. You must have reported the incident to the police to get a crime number. Do you really want to take the risk of being charged with fraud and the worst case scenario a criminal record and fine. Play safe and speak to your insurance company explaining the situation as they may not want it back. Your paying the insurance premium for a reason and have benefitted from it by being covered.

    Look at it this way.

    Youve paid an excess to get a replacement which I would guess being at £50 to £100. If you had not been covered you would have had to pay over £500 for a payg iphone4 handset or settle for a cheaper less spec smartfone.

    The ball is in your court so act as you see fit.
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    My understanding is that GSM phones aren't blacklisted, what happens when you try to put in your SIM?
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    They are in the UK.
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    The Uk networks use the imei to block the fone.

    The finder of a blacklisted fone will see 'invalid sim' message or something similar !
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    I guess what people are suggesting is that it may have ceased to be an honest episode once you found the iPhone but failed to notify the insurance company.
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    Ok let me clarify.... I don't care If it is an honest act or not, or that my integrity is in danger of becoming impeached, Im not going to be conversing with the insurance company due to the likelihood that they will request the phone be sent to them. I was just trying to gather opinion as to if O2 might kick up a fuss, or contact the insurance company themselves or if they might just unblacklist what to them may seem to be a phone that is rightfully mine that I had lost, but now have found... Guess there is only one way to find out
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    By posting your question you obviously realise what you may do could have consequences.

    Perhaps you could end this thread with an update after you have spoken to 02 !
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    The phone isn't rightfully yours it's the property of the insurance company.
    The replacement phone is rightfully yours.
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    Can we assume you aren't above pirating apps and music then either?

    I hope you dont have kids to teach this lesson too....

    And we wonder what is wrong in the world???
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    If you don't care that you are essentially stealing the phone then why are you creating this thread?
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    @OP: Why should we help you do something dishonest (insurance fraud)? If you want to find out then try it and be prepared to take the consequences. Let us know how it works out for you. I believe they allow you one phone call from jail.

    If you want my advice, come clean to the insurance company and to O2. Even if the insurance company takes the old phone, they are surely to note that you are honest and that their cost of paying your claim was lower than originally. That could translate into reduced premiums. Also, you'll feel better about yourself.
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    If you want to use it as just an iPod touch then you wouldn't even need to activate it, somehow I think you want to whitelist it so you can sell it to profit off the whole experience sending yourself even further down the path of fraud.
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    Your understanding is off.
    Lost and stolen GSM phones are blacklisted in many places but the US and Canada I believe.
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    You need to return the found phone to the insurance company, if they say you can keep it, then you can try to get it off the black list. What you are doing is illegal and insurance fraud. How do we know you just happened to find your phone now?
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    O2 didn't even ask me about an insurance claim, and they were happy to re activate the phone.
    ...... And yes I will probably be selling itbon now.
    Thanks for your time
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    Congratulations, you just successfully committed insurance fraud. Hope your happy and if you get lucky you won't get caught.
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    Karma is a very real thing. :D

    P.S. What's an itbon?
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