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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by ecino1, Jun 13, 2003.

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    just a try out of the blue... but see if signing in under a different user is any different...
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    re-install osx, if you have anyprograms or documents you want to keep, you just have to archive install

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    i dont know about your other problems, but the shortcut to force quit it cmd+opt+esc not cmd+opt+delete
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    ya i know i posted in the thread that i mistyped the force quit thing. Thats only part of the deal anyway. I did a reinstall of os x (archive and install) and my system is still fu*k'd. What is going on here? I am so dam mad right now.
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    New problem in addition to the others I talked to in the last thread: now I get no dam about this mac screen when i choose 'about this mac' from the stupid apple menu! Great!
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    Go to the iBook forum and ask one of the Dougs (Doug or Doug McLaughlin). Doug M. is always helpful. If he doesn't know the answer, he always goes the extra mile and tries to find out for you. Just because you own a 12" PB, doesn't mean that some over there may not be able to help you anyways. ;)
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    It sounds like corrupt RAM. Try resetting the Power Management Unit. This is sort of a last resort and will kill any clock settings, ran storage, motherboard settings, etc.

    The steps are as follows:

    1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
    2. Reset the power manager by simultaneously pressing and then releasing Shift-Control-Option-power on the keyboard. Do not press the fn (Function) key while using this combination of keystrokes.
    3. Wait 5 seconds.
    4. Press the power button to restart the computer.

    If there is corrupt data in the RAM this should flush it.

    The other possibility is a corrupt preference file. Boot from another disk and go in andtry deleting some of the UI related preference files.

    Also, have you ran the hardware test CD?
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    he has function keys turned on would be my guess,,,,,,,,but hey what do i know
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    similar problem

    i had a similar problem on an original imac 350. i couldn't shut down, restart, or log out!!! (i don't remember if i tried force quitting.) when i booted in 9 it was ok, but not in x. believe it or not, i started classic mode and i no longer had the problem!!! unbelievable!

    i'm not saying this will fix it since a powerbook is quite a bit different than an old imac, but it's worth a shot, eh?
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    maybe try resetting the logic board through Open Firmware....

    command+option+O+F on restart

    upon getting white screen type: reset-all and hit enter

    your machine will restart automatically
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    Hellp. Thanks for all your suggestions, but my problem still exists! Now when I restart my computer I get that grey apple logo on the screen for about 1 minute, then my system reboots itself! It does this several times before it actuall progresses to the login screen. Also, my friend has a copy of diskwarior and made a boot cd for his computer (same powerbook as mine) and I tried it on my system. It booted fine (but too about 10 minutes to fully startup from the cd) I rebuilt the directory on my mac os x volume. Upon restart I found my system to work properly! BUT, since i did a new install of os x like someone suggested to me, software update had a million updates to download. So i installed all that junk (quicktime, security update, bluetooth, etc) and restarted the system. After the reboot my system is messed gain (same as before). This sucks. I am too angry for words. I actually want to beat the sh*t out of this garbage. Sorry about my language here, but I am just so mad.
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    have you tried repairing permissions? i'm no OS X super-fixer but it seems like a logical thing to try.
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    If you're that mad and frustrated, call Apple. They'll guide you through how to fix it or they will have you ship it in.

    At this point it seems like it may be hardware related, so you're going to want to talk with them.
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    If you have a 12' PowerBook, I'm assuming you still have a warranty. Even if you don't have AppleCare (which I suggest getting), you have 90 days of tech support and 1 year hardware. You may have bad hardware.
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    Do you have any additional RAM installed in the machine? If so, remove it and see if the problem persists.

    Also, to check if it is the Mac OS X installation, find a friend with a Mac and get them to boot off of your hard drive using firewire disk target mode. Obviously, if your hard drive can boot another machine and it works fine, you know it is a hardware problem.
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    Unless I loved tinkering, which I don't, there is no way I would go to any trouble at all with a problem like this, you may just mess things up more, and you will certainly cause yourself a lot of stress and heart ache.

    There is only one simple, stress free solution - return it dude!

    What the hell are you waiting for?:confused:
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    Sounds like a hardware problem to me. Take it back to where you bought it from and get them to fix it for you. Tell them what you have done so far and that you think it is a hardware problem. Make sure you tell them to call you if they think it is software because if it is you will be charged for it.

    But take 10 deep breaths before you do.

    I'm a Mac techie myself and it really sucks dealing with angry customers. All it does is make other people feel more s**ty.

    Anyway, Goodluck!
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    Apple does all laptop warranty work in California.

    You can't take it back to where you bought it, you have to call Apple and if they can't fix it over the phone, they'll give you a case number and send you a shipping box. Turnaround is about three days.
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    I read your original thread researching a problem with my 17 PB. I had similar problems and a bunch of others. We both have rev A machines, and they screw up occasionally, many 12 and 17 users dont have the problems we have.

    Do what pseudobrit says, get Apple to sort it out. Mine is currently in Ireland I believe, new logic board,
    new screen and video hardware, replacement RAM. They say it should be back Tuesday. :D

    Get Apple to sort it, relax:)
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    Thanks a lot for the replies. I called apple and basically the chick on the phone just told me to do everything suggested here. So we went through all that stuff on the phone (which took over an hour) after all that she had no solutions so she told me to backup all my stuff and format & reinstall. So now im running a new system. I hope everyhting runs normal.
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    Thanks for the correction. I live in NZ and I guess it works a little different down here.

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