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Readers Digest: “The iPhone is the Devil”

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 15, 2007.

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    Much Ado


    The blog talks about using an iPhone to bait people into reading Reader's Digest, to make money.

    The link uses the word 'iPhone' to bait people into reading the blog, which makes money.
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    I didn't know Readers Digest was still published! Maybe they're trying to be controversial to get free advertising...:p
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    ^-- fixed that. :)
  5. Lau

    It seems to be a link that isn't about an iPhone to an article that isn't about an iPhone complaining that a magazine article that isn't about an iPhone isn't, on closer inspection, about an iPhone.
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    I'm a pretty big fan of Reader's Digest (it's the only magazine I have a subscription too) and this surprises me.
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    Is there an abridged version of the article somewhere?
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    Whenever I hear the words "Readers Digest" I think of a bookworm with indigestion.
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    That is weird, but it's a pretty good ad for the iPhone, right under "Can't Keep Up? Get simple, get smart, stay sane"

    Since the horns and tail make no sense, people will just ignore it
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    The weirdness continues

    The iPhone on the RD cover lacks YouTube and the iTunes icons, the Calculator icon is different, and it is allegedly on the Cingular network. When was that picture taken?

    I'm not sure why I got an iPhone when I did, but now I have an explanation!

    I signed a two-year contract and got zero discount on the equipment.
    I bought first-generation technology.
    I swore I wouldn't buy it until third-party apps were available (without hacking and playing cat-and-mouse).
    I'm paying more than ever to AT&T.

    but, even though I am going against all these things I believed in, I am loving every minute of it.

    The immortal Flip Wilson had the perfect explanation for my expensive bout with cognitive dissonance: The Devil Made Me Do It!
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    Isn't Flip Dead?
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    Nope, reincarnated as an iPhone.....:p
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    A quick google search answers your question, and the answer is yes. I had to open the link to Macenstein.com to get this, so you should be thankful... The same people who wrote, "Is Panther Apple's most stable OS?" and used forum search query returns as evidence.

    It would appear to me that they used the image of the iPhone because it's the highly-visible symbol of multitasking. If they had put on a Nokia N80, or another less marketed multitasking device, people as a whole might not have recognised the intention. Had this been last year, they'd probably have put a picture of a Blackberry on the cover; but even then, the Blackberry hasn't had nearly as much marketing as the iPhone.

    More people know about the iPhone than those who are fanatical enough to buy the magazine because the iPhone graces its cover.
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    That's what I thought, too. We subscribe to RD, and that issue arrived yesterday. The article seems pretty generic, more about how technology is too much of a priority in peoples' lives. But that cover does look like some great free advertising for Apple!
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    you totally did
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    The New York Post also likes to write inflammatory articles about popular devices. It generates hits on google, which in turn gets them readership. Isn't this almost an old trick by now?

    P.S. Check out my blog about why the iPhone and Wii will ruin your sex life, why Anna Nicole Smith should quit myspace and join facebook, and what Britney Spears would be like if she used drugs like Paxil.
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    I'm surprised you're the only one noticing it. Most people are fixed on the horns and tail, whereas you must be used to that sort of sight.
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    His body is, but his words live on!
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    Oh, you got me!

    I'm a horny devil who likes to get a little tail! Yuk, yuk, yuk. :)
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    She's dead too.

    Should've gone with Lindsey or Paris.

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