Readers want more iPod nano colours

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 3, 2005.

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    why not purple... :rolleyes:
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    I want flesh tone. Put that on with a clear silicone armband and it will look like I had an LCD screen and a click wheel surgically implanted into my arm.

    People around here are no longer freaked out by my colored contact lenses (opaque white), so I need something new to creep them out with other than my personality.
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    Real full-bodied colors too. Not that pastel crap.
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    Something with a pattern. This will hide the scratches (except on the display, of course.)

    The old "flower power" print, while dumb looking on an iMac, would probably work on an iPod.
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    Pink, Green ,Blue perhaps Gold
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    * Bold primary red

    * Bold primary blue

    * Bold primary yellow

    * Bold primary green

    * Bold primary... err... orange

    * Chrome (metal front just like the back)

    * Custom made by Apple with company/school/team colors/patterns painted inside the clear. Available only in bulk orders.

    But even more fun:

    * Full-size iPod coming soon in black? (non-U2)

    * Next wave of iBooks and iMacs available in black? A black iMac would look great.

    If I were Apple, and had to control cost and inventory, I'd make the low-end model of each Mac and iPod (even nano) only in white. Make black (or other colors) an option on the higher model. Bingo--more choices without increasing the number of models Apple has to deal with.

    Pro machines can stay aluminum. Durable and no-nonsense.
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    I seem to be the only one who really liked the iMacs when they went through the crazy pattern phase.. :p
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    There are the colours I'd like to see:
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    A VERY quick hack...busy work day and I can't spend more than two minutes on it...

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    I think we can expect more colors at MWSF.
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    Wonder Boy

    no you're not. I absolutely love me blue dalmation imac.
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    Deep Purple...?

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    What's wrong with putty? It was good enough for the entire PC industry for nearly twenty years (including Macs). Just when all of the copycats have gone to black, dark blue and gray and are crapping themselves over Apple's next move, BAM! You reach back in time and get putty!

    Pretty soon, all the cool kids are going to be saying, "I want my PuttyPod!" And, we'll be hangin' out at my website Oh, yeah!
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    If only there were somewhere you could buy black headphones separately...

    I guess if you really like Apple's earbuds it might be a factor, but at the risk of causing a backlash, I have to say I didn't find the iPod earbuds to be anything special.

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