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Ready to ship: By September 28th

Discussion in 'iPod' started by DarkNetworks, Sep 5, 2007.

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    What does that mean? Will I get it by Sept 28 if I order mine now or somewhere before the 28th? Sorry but I'm really excited about the iPod touch. it has been a while since...
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    That means that it might ship before then but don't get mad at them if it doesn't.
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    I've been waiting for this update for months now. This IS the iPod that I want to get.
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    Anyone know when it will be available outside the US to places like Australia, New Zealand etc?
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    Probably should check your country's Apple Store online. That should give some sort of indication. Btw, if I preorder, do I have to pay right away or do they only charge when the item has been shipped?
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    Australia is also estimating September 28th.

    They shouldn't charge your card until they're ready to ship.
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    Awesome, so I should be able to order and not get charged rite? Well at least until mid-Sept. I don't want to order it late and get mine only around mid October.
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    28th means that it will be shipped on the 28th. But depending on the shipping service you choose then the date varies.

    I got an estimate of Oct. 9-11th.
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    so basically were thinking that if we order now it will ship by the 28th?

    what about to retail stores? like best buy? will they get if after the 28th too?

    SO EXCITED! :eek::eek::eek: i cant wait till the 28th??!!
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    who else is as bummed as me with the touch not coming out until the end of the month? i kinda also just sold my ipod yesterday. AND i'm taking a 5 hour plane ride this weekend. ohh geeze. Me =Impatient beezy. Gosh dam me
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    AJ Muni

    I feel you 100%.. It sucks to wait for so long. I'm hoping they'll ship sooner than that..
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    Yeah, and emails from Apple with shipping info.
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    Mine ships the 28th, it should be here on the 2nd of October (so they claim)
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    Ships by: Sep 28
    Delivers by: Oct 9 - Oct 11
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    I'm guessing the engraving is what pushes it to Oct. 9-11 instead of Oct. 2-4? I put no engraving on it so I could have it in my hands quicker :D
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    I have an engraving and mine says oct 2-4

    maybe it is because I ordered mine at like 1:30
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    will it be in the stores on the 28th as well?
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    im guessing that weekend

    since the classic and nano are suppose to be in stores this weekend, its a friday, so i makes sense
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    I'm in the UK. I ordered my 8gig ipod touch earlier. On my order confirmation email, it says that they estimate my order to be shipped on or before 11 Sep, 2007.

    It goes on to say:

    Now I don't know if the UK is getting theirs sooner or if this is a mistake but it certainly surprised me!

    Could I be surfing the net on my ipod touch here in the UK this time next week?

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    take some pictures of it when you get it.
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    Yes, we need pics for that...
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    hmm. Was going to wait for it to arrive in the Apple UK retail store but I might order online if this is true.
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    Yep, If I do get it next week I will post some pics - fingers crossed!

    Coming to terms with the delivery estimate now - can't really see why it would be wrong.

    I did order it at about 3AM so it could have been one of the first few orders through - hence the early delivery time. - Maybe!

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    Can anyone living in the U.S. tell me how much the 16GB iPod touch comes out to be including tax and 2-3 day shipping? What about regular shipping? Thanks!
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    I ordered my 8gb touch here in the US as soon as the store opened so I wouldn't think that your order was any sooner then mine was.

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