Real Racing 3 Coming to U.S. February 28th with Freemium Gameplay, Available in Some Countries Now

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    EA and Firemonkeys' Real Racing 3 is set to be released later this month, though it is currently available for download in some international App Stores as part of a soft launch to test the system. The game, which is the highly anticipated followup to Real Racing 2, features real cars, photorealistic tracks, online time-shifted multiplayer, and impressively accurate physics.

    Unlike previous titles in the series, Real Racing 3 will be free to play. Our sister site TouchArcade explains the freemium mechanics:
    Essentially, after completing races, gamers will be subjected to a short wait before being able to race again when repairs are required. Wait times are also required when installing upgrades and unlocking additional vehicles, and these wait times will increase as the game progresses. TA mentions that wait times are worse when the game first begins as you're limited to one car, and points out that you can continue racing without making repairs, though damage may impact performance.

    To alleviate wait times, players are encouraged to purchase gold coins. Coins are bought in the app, but can also be earned through gameplay. Many fans of the series are upset with the newly implemented freemium mechanics because previous games were not freemium titles.

    TouchArcade has posted a hands-on video of Real Racing 3 with designer Ptolemy Oberin showing off the gameplay and the realistic visuals.

    Real Racing 3 is currently available for download in the Australia, New Zealand, and Canada App Stores. It is slated to be released in the U.S. App Store on February 28. [iTunes Link]

    Article Link: Real Racing 3 Coming to U.S. February 28th with Freemium Gameplay, Available in Some Countries Now
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    Really? That sounds annoying as hell. Hope there's a non-"freemium" version available eventually.
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    Dropped like a rock.
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    I love that freemium games exist, but I would also love the option to just essentially buy the game 'outright' as well (say for what they usually charge for the title - $5 or so).

    Then people who don't mind cooldowns or whatever can play, people who occasionally buy gold coins can pay occasionally, and the hardcore can just pay a larger fee up front to get everything.

    Maybe even $10!
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    The problem is that the only reason freemium works is because they end up making way more money. The model you suggest would make them substantially less money (otherwise why would they bother developing a freemium model? They aren't intending it to be a demo or trial).

    This is all part of marketing psychology and has been mastered by certain companies who are now leading the rest of the market to copy them.
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    Why do they wait with releasing it in America? Do they want the other countries to find the bugs before it goes live in the big US market?
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    Not available in the Canadian store.
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    Basically yes. It's a soft launch to find bugs, see how the systems hold up to large number of players and such.
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    That is true. I can't fault them for making money. I just think, in 2/3/4/5 years when lots and lots of games are freemium (see what Crytek said recently) including big big budget stuff I wonder what it'll be like, will people pay $'s in many games, or stick to 1 or 2 giving those 2 game dev's all of their gaming money?
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    ...and EA ruins yet another promising franchise.
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    ya, it's to make sure there aren't any problems before going to the larger audience. a public beta ish

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    Well, there is two ways to implement the IAP's in game: right and wrong. What EA did is beyond wrong. Wait and see for yourself.
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    Good bye, RR...
    It was a hell of a ride until EA came along...

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    Game looks boring as hell. No physics? Really? No damage simulation? Not even realistic audio.

    And this is supposed to be the first so called 'console quality' iOS game... :rolleyes:
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    I was actually looking forward to this game - I have all the other real racing games on iPad/iPhone/iMac .... BUT this freemium stuff turns me off. Adding wait times after upgrading? Longer wait times the more the games progresses .... sorry, I am not willing to keep paying to play. I am willing to pay $10 (or more for a real good game) to get the game and play it - but I am not willing to feed the game constantly on every single device with money. ... guess I will not get the game than.

    Too bad they will still make tons of money from people willing to feed actually dollars constantly to play.
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    Just looked at that link .. stopped reading at this:

    This is disgusting ... how would pay $100 for ONE simulated car ??
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    Yet another terrible move by EA.

    In fact, it's about time Apple revamps its search engine to allow for NON-FREEMIUM or NON-IN-APP PURCHASE APPS...I hate paying for something just to discover that it's not the full app.
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    This. Oh God, this x100000.

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    Feb 6, 2012
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    Not yet out in the Canadian App Store...
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    Fundamental issue I have with this model: the developer doesn't have to put in any extra effort for my extra money.

    I'm perfectly willing to pay for a game multiple times if I'm buying additional levels (IE, sequels/expansions,) - but this is basically going back to a more expensive version of coin-op where games cost $1 and up instead of $0.25-$0.50.
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    Oct 26, 2012
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    It's a revenge for not bringing Siri to other languages. :p

    I played it, it's not Real Racing anymore, it's a totally different game. The racing experience is the same, but UI is revamped and it sucks, on the iPhone it's tiny as hell. Waiting time sucks also, after the very first race(!) you have to wait 2 minutes.
    I'm sure they were making millions on the first 2 games, but human greediness has no limits.

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