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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by eclipse, Nov 9, 2007.

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    Hi all,
    I'm embarrassed to ask but... how do I quickly get the original URL of an iTunes podcast I found cool, so I can refer to it in my blog? There simply must be some quick click thingemiewhatsit for this.


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    the (i) at the end of the description.
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    That's interesting because Scientific American podcast "Science Talk" does this...
    No ref to the actual podcast episode url though. Is the "i" a voluntary thing for subscribers to choose to put up?
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    Ahah! Just noticed another podcast I get with the url under the heading... thanks. Might be a SCIAM idiosyncrasy. Thanks for the help.
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    for me (itunes 7.4.2) it shows the title, then URL in a grey area at the top of the mini-window, then the full description written by the publisher.
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    oh, use the (i) on the podcast itself, not on an epsiode.
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    If you want to link to the podcast in iTunes (i.E. have iTunes open when you click on it), you can just drag the podcast from the iTMS to your text/html editor and it should paste the link.
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    Ohhohhhohhh.... sounds like what I want.

    What exactly do you mean by iTMS... because I'm trying to drag this podcast from the iTunes window out to various text editors and NeoOffice and even stickies, and the url just isn't appearing.
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    iTMS==iTunes Store (Sorry, used to typing "Music" store!). If the podcast is on your computer obviosuly it won't link. Just find the podcast in the iTunes store.

    I just tested this in text edit...drag the link from iTunes to the textedit window and it automatically creates a hyperlink.

    Another way (easier, should have thought of this first): Right click on the podcast in the iTunes store and it will say "copy iTunes Store URL" You can select this to copy the URL and paste into whatever.
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    Cheers... good stuff, easy peasy... I knew it was a :eek::eek::eek::p sort of question. Few!

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