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Really hope they fix iOS 7 Calendar App

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by Steviejobz, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Previously in monthly view mode when you selected a day, you could see all appointments in list fashion beneath that month.

    Now when you select a day you might not see anything as you have to scroll all the way up and down to see if you have any events on that day. So first glance it might look like you have nothing on that day.
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    Actually, if you hit the magnifying glass looking thingy at the top it give you a search box but below the search box is a very nice list view by date.

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    Apple is very good at sorting things out over time. A major change, iOS 7 was a big project, they'll get it cleaned up in due time.
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    Agree - the functionality of the iOS7 calendar app is far below the iOS6 version
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    I know about this but that is just like the old agenda view. If I go to a date several months away I want to see the agenda for that day below the month like in iOS6. Now when I click on it it looks blank unless something happens to be in the morning. I have to scroll all the way down to 8 or 9pm (for example). When you select a date in month view you should be able to see in list format all the events that day.
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    Out of frustration, I bought the Fantastical app.

    Much better than Apple's iOS7 calendar
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    Did the same, but disappointed that they have announced that v2 is going to be a paid upgrade. Would've held off for the new iOS 7 UI.

    Totally fine with the need for sustained revenue, just wish I had knew beforehand, of course!
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    Absolutely agree here. I love iOS 7 so far with this one major exception. Calendar has become mostly useless. The design and look is great but without being able to scrub across a week and see events like we could before, I've got no use for the thing. I'm here looking for alternative app suggestions.
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    I agree with both your posts. I wasn't aware of a rewrite (v2) when I purchased, but I fired off an email to the developers.

    Will share my response.

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