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REally hot powerbook, anyone else with this probelm:

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by mashinhead, Mar 21, 2005.

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    I just got a 17" but after usage it gets so hot that the entire front edge, below the mouse, gets so hot that if my forearm even touches and i mean nicks it, it feels like shock. And sometimes when i touch the right side of the palm rest and rub my hand on it, i get this sort of vibrating feedback its really weird. has anyone else had this problem. is this safe?
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    That sounds really strange. My 15" used to get really hot near the top hinges, but it wasn't really painful unless you kept your hand there.

    It could be a broken fan or something? Try raising it.
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    The vibrating feeling is probably your hard drive/fan or both spinning. It is normal for the powerbook to get hot. Try keeping the back elevated to let air flow underneath it. Try putting a book under the back.
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    What does Temperature Monitor give you? Linkety

    Tell us what it shows you, and maybe a screenshot of a history chart?
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    This is what i got from Temperature Monitor

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    My 12" (tends to run hotter than the 15" and 17" due to smaller size) has a max of 56 degrees Celsius. Celsius is the standard for giving computer temperatures. What are they in Celsius?
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    here they are in celcius

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    my powerbook has gotten all the way to 155 F.
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    They all seem to be rather low. Have you tried restarting? That might allow Temperature Monitor to refresh its values. Because it has been running for a while, restarting will get new values for the sensors and then Temperature Monitor reads those values.
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    i restarted the computer and launched temp. montiore again and this is what i got:

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    That's about what I have....

    The vibration is from your hard drive, I'm pretty sure. How much RAM do you have? If you have 256 MB or 512 MB then I'm not so surprised. If you have 1 GB or 2 GB then that's a bit odd.

    And the heat might be from the processor, but I'm not sure where that is on a 17" PowerBook.

    Hey, its free to call Apple. You do have the extended AppleCare, right? (Good idea for PowerBooks to have) If you are worried, call up Apple and see what they say.
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    i have 2gb of ram, i just got it so i have phone support, but i don't have applecare yet. so i think i'll give them a call. thanks for your help
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    Most welcome.

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