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Really miss Weather and Stocks apps

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by kbmb, Apr 4, 2010.

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    Really wish Apple had not left out the basic Weather and Stock apps from the iPhone.

    Anyone know of a good weather app that acts like the iPhone built in app does? Just basic.....temp and forecast. I've downloaded a bunch of the free apps, but they are all way more than I need to just get the temp.

    The best thing about the iPhone app is it's quick.....I don't want to wait to just get the temp and tomorrow's high.

    Stocks app was nice as well.

    Here's hoping Apple gets to these in 4.0?

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    Search the Weather Channel Max... its free for the iPad and is alot better than the anemic program that comes with the ipod and iphone.
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    WC Max is far superior to the iPhone native weather app (the forecasts on that thing are atrocious) and can be pretty darn minimalist if you want it. Very nice app.

    Download Bloomberg for stocks, also superior to native iPhone app.
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    Bloomberg is good. Accuweather is free and better than weather channel.
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    Don't get me wrong....the current weather apps are good. I have Weatherbug, Weather channel, and Accuweather. They all look great and provide tons of info.

    Problem is most times I don't want/need all the info. Often I'm just looking for the current temp and the low/high. Basic quick info.

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    Personally I'm happy they did not include these apps. This gives developers a chance to duke it out for having the best app for weather and stocks, instead of Apple having stock applications giving little reason to download anything else.
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    If you only want the barebone basic Weather app yet beautiful looking, try Weather HD... 99 cents. It has current temp, high, low, humidity, and wind.... with some forecast and beautiful beautiful animated background of the current weather

    As far as Stocks application goes, I've been using Bloomberg in iPhone since it first came out and moved the Stocks app to the last page where all the useless app goes :D Their iPad version is equally fantastic
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    Accu weather has ads (free version) where WC does not.
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    WC is painfully slow upon launch. At least Weatherbug loads quickly.....

    And where's the calculator app? Why did they not include that one?:confused:
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    I kept weatherbug as well, it has some nice things going for it.
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    For stocks on the touch, I like CNBC RT. It really is "real time"! For my BB, I use Bloomberg.
  12. Compile 'em all, Apr 4, 2010
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    Compile 'em all

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    Looks nice dude.

    Well done.
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    A clock/alarm app would have been nice as well.
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    Weather HD is my app of choice for basic quick info like the original iPhone app.....yet this has beautiful animations to go with it. The App is 99 cents.

    I use NASDAQ OMX for my Stocks. I like the look of it and color scheme more than Bloomberg.....plus I like the actual company logos on each stock, nice touch.

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