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Really Odd Experiences Thread

Discussion in 'Community' started by patrick0brien, Jan 11, 2004.

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    What is a really odd experience that you've had?

    What I mean by 'really odd experience', is an experience that the mere thought of it would have sounded like a joke - until it happened.

    For example:

    "A snowball fight in a swimming pool in the dead of winter during a snowstorm."

    True story. Picture taken less than an hour ago. Note the snowball on my head.

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    I was attacked in a grocery store by a crazy man yelling, "YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO IN FRANCE?!? YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DO IN FRANCE..."

    Can't post the rest of the obscene things he said as he pinned me against the wall with my grocery cart...
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    BTW-pat0, who took the pic? Frosty the Snowman?
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    Ahhhh... you reminded me of a story. I was in a Radioshack once ans some lady was sceaming because she wanted a free phone, but she didn't realize it was a rebate. She was telling eerybody in the store "this guy said I can get a FREE phone!!!" I think there was something wrong with her. She actually walked outside with the phone but the police came by then.
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    Some guy in my school library hit on me today. He was really disappointed when I told him I was straight. Then he gave me a hug, and told me that if things didn't work out, he would always be around.

    Freaky man. Why does everyone think I'm gay? Not that there's anything wrong with it.
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    Well, I was up at UC Davis (California) a few weeks ago, walking along a street with my friend. There was this guy laying on a lawn next to the sidewalk. As we neared him, he stood up and approached us in a collegial manner. We thought he was trying to sell us drugs, but then he started pushing us and yelling. He pulled a knife and started chasing us down the street. He gave up after about thirty feet, and we called the cops on him. We didn't stick around to find out what happened. I'm still baffled as to why he attacked us.
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    And while we are on the subject of about odd experiences...

    ...I think I know you.

    Yep! This is odd, definitely odd!

    To answer your question, the person that took that picture was a friend that flew up to Montreal for the weekend. The funny party is, we kept trying to take that picture with the flash and always kept getting was the fog - pesky water vapor.
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    Dreaming of having a specific conversation with a person at a specific location with specific lines and then actually experiencing it in reality exactly as in the dream. It was word for word exactly the same.

    No this wasn't normal deja vu, it was a clear remembrance of the dream while I was experiencing it. I was using the dream as a script in reality!
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    Phil Of Mac

    Maybe you're a "metrosexual".

    Crab people, crab people...
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    Apologies for my assumption. This exact incident happened to a dear friend of mine just last week - grocery cart and all. (Dominick's on Halstead, Chicago)

    I figured that this was such a unique experience, when you mentioned that it happened to you, I thought you were my friend messing with my head.

    I'm curious, where did this happen to you?
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    odd, freaky? How about having to live in a haunted house? Unfortunatly, nothing has happened in the last two months, "they" have been awefully quiet...

    I have a cam setup and a Mic, and can never catch them when I am expecting... when I do get something, I'll upload it for everyone....
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    Wow! The crazy man must travel--Cabrini Green Dominicks in Chicago... After he was done yelling at me, he pinned another person by yelling at them.
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    Yes, I know it. Sounds like he patrols Halstead. Wonder if he makes it down to the Dominick's on Roosevelt?

    I knew I was opening an "Odd"" thread, but I didn't know how odd. This is really darn strange.
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    I was walking into a Michael's craft store where my mum was shopping. Each light overhead of me went out wherever I walked until I found my mum and then, all the lights went out in the store, followed by the emergency lights coming on.

    As we left the store, all the lights returned to normal.
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    haha, That Sienfield episode is funny :D
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    Dont Hurt Me

    would like to hear more about this one, who's they and what have they done in the past?
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    "they" seem to be the inhabitants of the house... I had never stepped foot in the building until I had bought it.

    Originally, a banker from Mobile with the last name of Cole, built this house in 1906. its absolutely a beautiful Victorian Design, gingerbread in and out. He had filed Bankruptsy, and gave it to his sister.

    She in turn married MR. Warren, they had two children and then died later. I believe it to be the Warren's who can not leave their house.... They have come to me in dreams, "walked" down the hall, paced in my room, drug something across the heater wires, to create the sound of a stick on a picket fence, I felt a hand on my one night, my friends saying "ummm, that particular room fels funny", freezing cloudy rooms at times, slamming screen doors (after I had locked them all, funny shadows out of the corner of your eye.... etc etc etc...

    I feel much more comfortable in the house after I told them off one night, not so much as told them off, as politely asked them to be quiet so I could sleep. They tend to make a great deal more noise when ever I do something like paint a room, I have not done anythign in awhile, so I think they are just becoming comfortable with me, as I am becoming comfortable with them.

    The house is right down town, in the historic district. It has been vacant for nearly 60 years, now I know why noone in town would buy the place and live in it...
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    On the ghost lines:
    A few nights ago, I felt something weird in my room. I don't believe in things like ghosts. Well it was really early in the morning. I rolled over in bed and the light that was turned off next to my bed went on, waking me up. So I turned it on then turned it off. And tried to go back to bed I curl up next to my dog and the light comes on again. There is no way it could have been electrical problem. The light is 120V, and there is no way the power could bypass the switch. Then I was kindof getting annoyied. I would press down on my bed and the light would come on. The harder the brighter. Then I would jump on the bed and the light wouldn't do anything. Like someone was laughing at me doing this. Then trying to go back to sleep the light came back on. :eek:

    So then i was like whatever, and tried to go to sleep. In the morning it was still doing it. After I got home I tried many times to get it to do it again and I couldn't get it to do it.

    Then talking on the phone in the morning the phone shocked me in my ear. Never done that since.

    In my old house;

    I was on the computer home alone and I heard someone at the door, I thought I heard "gas man"

    I was like WTF.

    I walk into the other room and 2 cops have guns in my face. They do the whole "on the ground, arms up, blah blah"

    Then after 20 min they are like, "sorry about that" then they leave and look around my backyard?!

    I can't think of anymore right now.
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    I was sitting in class junior year of high school idly playing with my pen between my first two fingers, kinda shaking it up and down against the wall, right above this metal tube that ended right next to my seat...well, it turns out there were two live wires poking slightly out of the end of the tube, and my pen made an excellent conductor, until the heat blew the ball out of the end in a sparking mass and shocked the pen out of my hand....all this in the middle of class....everyone looked at me like "what the hell just happened?"
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    Well speaking of ghosts.. A few weeks ago I was making some waffles at about 3 in the morning when I started to hear the piano playing in the living room. My heart started racing and I started to sweat.

    It turned out to be my cat walking across the keys. But man!, that freaked me out!
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    Here is my freaky thing. Let me start by saying, I really miss my old truck. It was the first car I ever had, and the first vehicle I had ever driven. I personally had it for over 4 years, but my dad had owned it for 11 years before that....

    Anyway, my Dad had a stroke a few years back, and when I left the hospital that evening he wasn't able to talk. I headed back to the hospital for morning ICU visitation and as I neared the hospital a song I hadn't heard on since high school came on the radio. (My favorite song from high school, the Cure "Just Like Heaven") I used to drive around in my truck and have it on repeat on the CD player... Anyway as I am marveling at the fact that the radio is playing that song, my old truck drives by me. I hadn't seen it since the day that I sold it! Then I had a feeling that everything would be ok, and when I got to the ICU my Dad could talk again. The nurse had worked with him though the night and he was fine now.

    Flash forward a couple of years to last November. My Grandfather is on his deathbed, and my grandmother is trying to care for him. Anyway, he loses his balance and knocks her over into the wall. She is taken to ICU for a couple of days. I finally get over to the hospital to visit her, (I first took shifts caring for my grandfather.) and as I pull up to the hospital I am behind my old truck. I haven't seen it since my Dad's stroke. (And what makes it interesting is that this hospital is in another town a half hour away from where my Dad was after his stroke.)

    I think that the guy who bought my truck must work for the hospitals or something, but it is still remarkable that I have only seen it twice since I sold it and both times were similar circumstances...

    Like the old girl is watching out for those I care about. ;) She was a great truck...
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    I haven't had any extremely odd experiences. However there was one week at summer camp where i built a catapult out of wood and hurled water balloons at people, swam a mile, and almost got tracked down by the National Guard.
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    Tonight I'm finally getting around to upgrading my secondary computer (an iBook) to Panther. Yes, it's odd that I took this long. No, that's not my odd story. :) While I've got a lot of waiting time, I'll tap out a couple odd stories, both of which--oddly enough--have to do with clocks.

    The first is minor. One summer when I was in high school, whenever I wondered what time it was and looked at the clock, it always read 4:44 PM. This happened rarely enough to not be subconsciously deliberate, but it always happened to be 4:44 in the afternoon when I wondered what time it was. It got creepier as the summer went by. And once, late in the summer, I woke up early because I wasn't feeling well. After spending a little one-on-one time with the toilet, I went into the living room to see what time it was. Sure enough. 4:44 AM.

    Okay the second one is a little cooler. For no particular reason, one year I decided to read Carl Sandburg's multi-volume biography of Abraham Lincoln. It's pretty long and I was in college, so I wasn't exactly racing through it. I think I started it in the summer. Anyway, in November I came down with a bad flu and was bed-ridden for a week, during which time I read a whole lot of the bio. One day, I'm in bed reading about Lincoln's trip to Gettysburg to speak at the dedication of the new national cemetery. The book talks about how the featured speaker, some Harvard professor, began speaking at noon and spoke for two hours. Then there was a choir that sang one song. It was just as I was about to read the account of Lincoln getting up to give his address that I noticed the date on the newspaper on my bed--it was November 19, 1998. 135 years to the day since Lincoln gave his address. But then I looked at the clock. It was 12:05. I lived in the mountain time zone. According to the book, the service began at noon with a two hour speech and then a choir sang something. So I figured it would have been about 2:05 Eastern Time (more or less--I am and was then aware that time zones were not yet standardized, but Penn. is more or less in the middle of the time zone and could have been close to the now-standard Eastern time). So, to the best of my knowledge, it was exactly 135 years to the minute after it was given that I read a detailed account of the Gettysburg Address.
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    my door creeks all the time, well I don't have a doorknob because it broke and my dad needs to buy a piece of wood to fix it. Sometimes the cat trys to get into my room which makes it creek. It scares me sometimes ,but I wonder if it is always my cat. I hope it is. While I was reading the above storys I herd the door creek. Spooky eh?

    I like the story about the truck. Sounds like a movie idea to me. The haunted house thing just freaks me out. I would be so scared if I lived there *shivers*


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