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RealPlayer 10 for Mac OS X to Debut Next Week

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Great...I'd like to take this moment to say once again, RealPlayer sux! :D
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    Not too shabby, there is still a lot of content on the internet that requires RealPlayer, glad to see they are updating it :)

    And as the article says, maybe this will make Apple drop Quicktime Pro and include all the features in OS X.

    The last update we saw was in 2002 I think.
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    I just wish Microsoft would release a better version of WMP for OS X. When given the choice of only WMP and Real, I always use Real, just because the Mac version of WMP sucks so much
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    so basically it takes some quicktime features and changed the green look to blue?
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    They released a new version of RealOne Player earlier this year, to add support for AAC.
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    . . . think Stevo will let RealPlayer plug it during the WWDC Keynote?? The update *does* come out next week. . .
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    last time they updated real(one) player was MWNY '02
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    Steve may just allow them a few minutes. It is Real Player 10 for X after all.
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    No, they silently updated it in February.
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    Even after Real threaten Apple during the arguement over sharing the music store?

    I'm sure there are no hard feelings :p
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    Oooh. An "integrated web browser".

    Whatever, man... i didn't get why Winamp had a browser in it, and I don't get why Real would have a browser in it.

    Rendezvous support is cool, tho.
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    At least it doesn't have that god-awful integrated browser they had integrated into Realplayer on the PC in the Win98-2k days.... I hated that with a passion...but then I guess mostly because it installed the realdownload aspect too and it kept popping up these annoying ads whenever I tried to download something.

    I wouldn't use realplayer for anything beyond playing streaming content from websites, but it seems to do that minimally well....
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    They've announced a release date, 30/6/04 (Wednesday). It's a beta.
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    umm...who cares?

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