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Real's Glaser exhorts Apple to open iPod

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 23, 2004.

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    don't know about you folks, but I don't want any REAL content on my iPod. ever.
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    From the article:

    Maybe he's not familiar with the concept of ripping a CD and transferring the songs to the iPod. Or maybe he's just a liar.
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    Or maybe he hasn't heard of the (few, small) stores using MP3.

    Honestly, once I heard "Real" I knew it would just be a joke.

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    Real sucks like hell, but the point is valid.

    If the goal is to sell more iPods, then why not open up to all formats?

    If the goal is the music store, why not let the songs sync up with other MP3 players?

    If the goal is the AAC format, why not share the Fairplay bit with everyone as well?
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    You can argue the same for Real's music store, or for MS forthcoming disaster, which will only support WMA.

    You can also argue that since iPod is the most popular music player, all other music stores should aim to support the iPod.
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    They won't do it...yet. It would be smart for Apple to allow other
    MP3 players access to the iTunes Store but they can't do this. If
    they did, the other companies would instantly figure out the AAC
    Fairplay encoding and start selling iPod-compatible songs of
    their own, perhaps cheaper, ending Apple's monopoly on iPod
    download stores.

    As long as iPod is #1, Apple really has no reason to allow others
    access to the iPod. Unless customers stop buying iPods because
    they don't want to use iTunes (which hasn't happened), there's
    no reason for them to make it open.

    If I were Apple, I'd be watching this very carefully. As soon as large numbers of customers were being lost because of the forced usage of
    iTunes, they would have to open iPod to other stores and open their store to other players, while keeping the iPod-iTunes syncing superior.
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    so true. furthermore, who cares if AAC has consistently tested as the best sounding format out there.
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    Truth of the matter is is that APple's market-share in the MM has increased and with the latest tally of iTMS songs sold its anything but shrinking, that is only the worry for other Music stores and their market-share.
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    What's really sad is that this guy somehow thought he had a right to preach Apple what to do publicly, and Media, as usual, bought into his thinking :(
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    Someone sounds really, really jealous that he couldn't lock people into using Real. Instead he sees people enjoying using iTunes, even though they are "locked" into the whole AAC and iTunes set up. Pardon me, but I don't see any viable alternatives.
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    Jerry Spoon

    Not completely on topic, but if ITMS isn't raking in huge amounts of money, and yet they're outselling the other online music stores handily, I assume that these others much be bleeding money. How long do you think they can do that and stay around? How much time will pass before other online music stores fold in the towel? Any ideas?
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    He's right, in a way. Why don't I have a choice of which music store i want to shop at. Apple library is lacking many songs, that might be available at other stores. I say give me choice or give me another MP3 player. Screw Apple's encoded AAC format, scew MS WMA format.....long live MP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ew... ever hear of something called sound quality?

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    Real's music store uses AAC, but w/ Helix DRM

    Real to launch AAC format music store

    .... "Sources said the new store will be based on the Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format -- as are the songs in Apple's rival service -- but wrapped in RealNetworks' own Helix digital rights management technology... Apple's iPod will not be able to play Helix-wrapped songs unless Apple licenses that technology."
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    To the average user, the sound quality from AAC,WMA, to MP3 isn't that different. You ever heard of choice?
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    At 128kps, most people I know can tell the difference. At 192, fairly few can, but that's a decent size hike.

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    Yeah, well I might ask that same question of M$, Real and some of these others screaming about this. Of course their answer is always gonna be that they're all for choice, as long as the "choice" is their format that is. It's funny how now that the shoe is finally on the other foot, it's the other side doing all of the screaming now. I'm just loving the irony of it all. :p
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    You can't fight the MS monster by becoming the monster. I'm a big music fan, and all my muisc is at 128k, and I cant hear the difference on my headphones. My collection is 50/50 MP3 and AAC. I cant speak for WMA, due to the fact that i dont have any song in WMA format, but I was told that it was better than Mp3.
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    l love how these other music store reps are screaming to open the ipod. Oddly, the other mp3 players out there haven't been opened to run AAC either. They can even license fairplay if they want to.

    I mean, its not like there is much of a difference here. Online music is a commodity, it all sounds the same, it all costs the same (save walmart - insert joke here about modern music). The sad part is its difficult to really shop for music without having to download either another whole program, or running windows/ie. If there was a problem with the ITMS, or if there was some real difference in the quality of another stores music, these guys might have a point.
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    Sounds like he's FUD-slinging. So many PC people think that, though. I know I've had to remind/inform at least two PC users recently that iTunes can also rip CDs (as well as burn them).
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    How fast can you say slander?

    I mean really... Apple Compared TO THE SOVIET UNION.

    Apple alows a decent amount of formats, I would like to see OGG and FLAC support... (Ogg other players have but not FLAC)

    Real -- NO ONE IS ON YOUR SIDE on this.

    I have no idea why you want this public you moron.

    I want apple to have all of the formats they have now + OGG, FLAC and WMA (maybe, downsides and upsides).

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    You can have ogg support in iTunes with a plug-in.
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    Oops. I guess you can't make a profit with a digital music service without selling a compatible player.

    Where have I heard that before?

    They're just fools. They had the right concept, but buggered it up. Why use AAC with an incompatible DRM? Can any player use this format?

    Fools. They have nobody but themselves to blame.
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    Not any portable player I know of... Maybe some cell phones with RealPlayer embedded.

    My impression is that Real is very, very jealous of iPod + iTunes.

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