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iPad mini Rear protector as a sheet of film?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Tunster, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Just need to get heads up on if one of these exists. There's plenty of front facing film-based protection sheets but have no seen one that does both or just the rear (the rear is more important).

    I want to try to protect the rear without using a clam/silicon shell and still be able to use my smart cover.

    Based in the UK, but happy to import if there's no other option.
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    Try eBay, i've ordered three pieces of protection film for the back for under 10 dollars. :)
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    Wrapsol. Their back skins are excellent. Have one on my black iPad mini.
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    Best skins ever or zagg or bodyguardz just to name a few
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    I just ordered a back skin for my iPad 4 from Bestskinsever. I've had great success with their products and really like them. Feels like you're using the iPad naked, but adds a layer of scratch protection. It won't protect it from a fall, but I'm usually pretty careful not to drop it.

    I was using a Belkin Snap Shield and will be returning it as I found it too bulky and the corners would sometimes creek / move depending on how I was holding it - really ruined the iPad experience for me.

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