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Reason 3.0

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by getbigg21, Jan 26, 2006.

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    I am looking to get Reason for music and it's just crazy expensive. Does anyone know where I can get this cheaper?

    Also are there any other types of music programs out there?
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    What does reason do that logic express/pro doesn't do?
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    By cheaper, I assume you mean discounts or deals rather than downloading.

    In terms of other music programs - there are plenty, but most are crazy expensive as you put it. Have a browse around the Digital Audio forum we have here on MacRumours - there's a lot of good information there.

    Reason is basically a suite of synthesisers/samplers/instruments with basic sequencing facilities. It is a good starting point for digital audio, but has no live/acoustic recording. I tend just to use it as an instrument bank now.
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    Reason is awesome, when you know how to work it, you can make beautiful things :D
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    big Reason fan here. i must dispute this notion that it's "crazy expensive." you get a lot for $400.
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    reason is indeed a great program. I usually rewire it to Logic Express 7.
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    Reason can be good for loops, however everything that is made in Reason sounds like it is made in Reason, if you get my drift.
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    howesy, that's hardly true... you can make music in reason that gets kinda hard to tell... now, granted, if you do everything on the computer, using no keyboards and other outside audio, you usually can tell, but it's much more realistic than, say, garageband.

    reason's a great program, i've been using it for a while and actually got a reason course started at my highschool (my music teacher's a major mac geek/programmer as well.. he was a programmer in what he calls "a past life").
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    i don't agree. the stuff i do in reason sounds way different than what my friend matt does in reason. in fact, i'm unable to tell the difference of him doing something in reason and him doing something in GB, because whatever he does and however he does it, it sounds like him.

    perhaps we could all link to short clips of things we've done in reason to see how like/unlike they sound?
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    i am a big reason fan. teach with it in fact.

    i agree that everything made in reason sounds like it was made in reason...before Reason 3.0 of course. the combi and the mastering suite make it so easy to get a professional sounds out of a mix.

    !!!! it COULD be done before. it simply involved a great deal more than many would like to spend "learning how" but for those who did...3.0 is obscenely good sounding. (with a few exceptions of course..but single sounds are single sounds)
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    awesome, thanks for that. i especially like the first one.

    Pilot is a song i sourced in Reason.

    Ends in Preposition is a song my friend Matt did in Reason.

    the just-started-and-very-much-unfinished Mixtape was done in Reason.
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    dude.i dig that pilot song. What all do you use to record?
    i'm now listening to the mixtape song. It sounds awesome dude.
    I really like this. Good work.

    just a note, on the mixtape song, i think the vocals should be turned down just a bit.
    it just sounds almost out of place.
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    hey, thanks a lot. i did the programming in reason, then we dumped it into pro tools to add bass, acoustic guitar, and vox. it was mixed in PT.

    yeah, it's way unfinished. i've not done any automation on the vocals yet. the guy who added the instruments in Pilot is going to add guitar and vocal harmony in Mixtape, then it's going back to Matt, who's going to redo the Reason instrumentation. what's there now was really nothing more than a guide track for Katie, the vocalist.

    after that's all done, then i'll do a real mix of it.

    thanks for the kind words!
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    no problem man..can't wait to hear more!
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    If you're broke $300 is a lot for a piece of software, that said.. you should start saving.

    It's worth it.. and it's awesome actually having the little reason card with serials on it.

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    Reason is for "people new to audio."

    i still dont like the "Reason" sound... its still
    there in 3.0

    Everytime i hear a reason song it hurts my ears.
    i swear sometimes it like people are just pressing
    the 'random button' and calling it a song.

    Reason is fun for a short bit... once you wanna
    get more serious with your music youll have to
    trash reason.

    id recommend saving for Logic, or just go buy Reaktor.
    Reaktor is amazing and the VL voices are 'breathtaking'
    LOL -steampipe- ;)

    Reason is fun, but you wouldnt want that sound on your real music.
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    let's hear some real music, then.
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    Yeh, it'd be a shame if electronic music sounded like it was made with... electronics.


    Let me get guess, real music involves a 12-string and big thick synth pads?
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    is it safe to assume that thumper does not, in fact, have any "real" music to share with us?

    c'mon, thumper, back up your smack talk.
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    I agree.

    I have heard many in the industry reffer to Reason "that program kids use in their bedrooms". I have never had much experience using Reason as I'm a Sound Engineer, but others have told me all thing made in Reason sound like they are made in Reason. Just my $0.02.
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    you agree because others told you it was so? sorry, i can't respect that kind of opinion. as a sound engineer, you should know better than to form opinions in such a manner.
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    I have heard some, I was never happy.
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    if you take Reason, and Reaktor.. (or Absynth, korg trition,yamaha motif)
    side by side and just listen to the sound .. youll notice right away that
    Reason just sounds bad.

    :: its NOT Pro Audio, ::

    you barely have control over your sounds too.

    I am also an engineer and i produce my own music..
    I just happen to agree with them cuz i bought reason 2.5 and hate that
    reason sound.(i have upgraded to 3 and it still sounds the same. (NO MATTER HOW MUCH

    But as an engineer, and if i never ever used Reason, i think i too would take other peoples word for it... cuz if anyone would know.. it would be the people coming to your studio to record... not some dude on a Mac Rumors Board.

    Reason was Fun in my first month at recording school.. but once i got
    more into audio and sound quality i had to ditch the Music Toy called Reason.:D
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    in the Electronic industry... i dont know ANYONE who would use Reason
    in there music. it really has a semmi pro-summer sound to it.

    Most people in Electronic music are into LFO's and sound envelopes
    and designing their own cool sounds. mmm MAX/MSP... absynth, reakotor.

    its like painting and using what ever colors you want and where you want...
    Reason is like that paint by numbers colouring book. no control and
    just looks bad.

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