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Rebranding for the Sake of it?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by AtomicEdge, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I know that MobileMe has had a bit of a bumpy ride, but this rebranding feels like it could easily have been an update to MobileMe rather than a whole new brand.

    This service has now gone through iTools, .Mac, MobileMe and now iCloud, and it really feels like they are just doing it so that they can say "LOOK AT THE NEW!".
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    Looks like a pretty significant change to me
    And changing the name makes no difference to me at all
    Eliminating the cost does though ;)
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    Thats true, but I can't help thinking of this as a downgrade somehow...

    It's just odd that iCloud is coming out in the Fall but MobileMe will keep running until June 2012. If it is truly an Upgrade all the way, surly they would just upgrade everyone in the same way they upgraded us from .Mac to MobileMe.

    On the up side, I am quite happy to no longer have a MobileMe renewal date of 24th December! :rolleyes:
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    I don't know what keynote you were watching but MM and iCloud are very different not to mention there are features of MM that are not in iCloud.
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    I feel the same way, it's like nothing has changed except for addition of being able to sync apps and musics to all devices and now it's free. I also feel that it's downgraded when it comes to storage, 5GB only now compared to almost 20GB for mobileme? And what about the Photo gallery, you can now only keep them for 30 days? No more photo gallery to keep forever? that sucks! :(
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    Apart from the part where they are shutting down MobileMe?
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    Yeah, the pictures thing is strange. They are talking about demoting the PC/Mac to being just another device, and when I heard that, I assumed that they were going to say "Upload your entire iPhoto library online!" but then they started talking about 30 days and 1000 images in the stream.

    Maybe that 5gb can be used to store pictures on?
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    Jobs mentioned in the keynote that iCloud was built from the ground up. Not on top of MobileMe. iCloud is a whole different animal. MobileMe is dead.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    I think You guys are misunderstanding what it does. Anytime a new photo is added to whatever device it goes to the cloud. The next time your iPhone, iPad, macs, etc are connected to the Internet they are automatically downloaded to the device to the "photo stream". So as long as you connect your device to the Internet within 30 days you will have a brand new copy. It's not meant to be a storage place for photos that you can only access when connected to the cloud.

    Macs will hold unlimited photos in the photo stream, but iDevices will be capped at 1000 (for storage reasons) but if you want to save one of them on your iDevice you can simply copy it into one of your albums.

    That's how it seemed to me. What I am hoping this means is that now, or eventually, we can create, edit, and delete photo albums on iDevices and they will sync those changes everywhere

    Oh and on topic. Yeah they COULD keep it being called MobileMe, but I think I makes sense to change it because it IS different enough, MobileMe did have that bad connotation, and apple wants to tap into the buzz word "cloud". Also it doesn't make people that still have many months left on MobileMe feel bad "oh cool a new product. And it's free!" instead of "wait a second... I just paid $99 for this and now it's free for everyone?"
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    Well, I dunno. The rebranding from .Mac to MobileMe went so well... :D
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    I really hope this is optional and can be switched off
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    You're absolutely correct. It's one of Apples tried and true, long time practices. They take an existing product that was the result of another companies vision and innovation, slap a buzz worthy name on it, and introduce it as Apples own creation.


    1) Thunderbolt
    Is nothing more than a slower version of "light peak". A cutting edge fiber optic, high speed data transfer method. Dumbed down with copper wire replacing the optical cable.

    2) Retina
    Is nothing more than a decades old LCD technology known as IPS .

    Apple is the master at making anything look and sound better, when they use it.

    Misleading customers is their tradition. It's what dictators do :)

    You've got to laugh, only Apple can pull this scheme off, year after year. Totally convincing iFans that without Apple the industry would be in shambles. Sheer brilliance.
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    1. Thunderbolt is Intel, not Apple, and will be on many PC's, not just Macs.

    2. Retina has nothing to do with IPS. Retina is about the DPI as a result of resolution and screen size. IPS was a different improvement to the screen completely independent of the Retina claim.

    Apple does exaggerate their claims sometimes but if you're going to back it up with examples, at least use examples that are correct.
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    Mad Mac Maniac

    This post is such a fail! The guy above me nailed it on the head.

    And sure Apple "copies" stuff because nobody can innovate everything. concepts are aggregated from existing concepts. But when Apple does create something that already has a similar product existing in the market, it almost always is much superior, or at least much simpler.

    Oh and I wanted to add to number 1. thunderbolt is still classified as light peak even though they are using the slower copper wire. At least that is my understanding
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    Looks like they're copycatting Microsoft, LOL! (remember Windows Live?)

    (I followed Microsoft's branding journey with interest, since I was the original registrant of the live.net domain, 1995ish. Could have had live.com if I'd registered 6 months sooner...)
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    Isn't Retina a word invented by Apple? Basically Samsung galaxy tab has the same (or better) screen but of course not being able to market the same "technology" as well as Apple.
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    Retina is just the name Apple is using for a display that exceeds 300 DPI. It's supposed to mean that at a certain distance you eyes (retina) is no longer able to distinguish any pixels in the screen. The exact DPI where that is achieved depends on who you ask and how far your eyes are from the display.

    Also just because a screen has the same or even better resolution isn't the only factor here. If you have two screens that are the same resolution but different sizes, the larger screen will have a lower DPI.

    For what it's worth, doesn't Samsung make the iPhone 4 displays for Apple?

    Lastly, Apple may have come up with the term retina but I expect others to use it as well.
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    Just the facts.

    When it's the competitors, Apple and it's followers heap it on.

    When the tables are turned and Apple is at fault, it's all blamed on the messenger... ha..ha..ha...
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    You'd have the right to complain if you evidence wasn't crap. When you use valid evidence to back your BS then preach all you want.

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