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iPad mini Received iPad Mini and I cannot believe it

Discussion in 'iPad' started by MacIke, Dec 3, 2012.

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    This is a great iPad. I am soooo glad I did not listen to all the whiners and complainers. :)

    I am moving from an iPad 1 to a Mini. I am so far thrilled with my purchase.
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    You will be thrilled at any iPad released since the iPad 2 because all of them are leaps and bounds better than the iPad 1.
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    Exactly. Wonder what they would think if they went to a 3 or 4 and then tried the mini.
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    I agree.. I think it's because there was hate against the mini from all sides. Even Steve was sceptical.

    It's like the iPhone all over again for me.

    I didn't like Apple long ago.. But then came the iPhone and iPod Touch. The first time a saw it in a store I was amazed about how simple a device could be. In 10 seconds I bought it, and was sold until this day.

    I didn't expect to much from the Mini. I actually didn't like it in the keynote. Awkward design and size.. And just not as big as a normal iPad. Again I walked in the store, and just looked at it. In a second I was sold again. The logic just fell in place, and the normal iPad is just to big :)

    Again amazed... And after a week I can't think of a bigger device again. I can even mount it on most of my instruments and read sheet music on it. The weight is incredible. !
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    Glad you like it, just don't step on it.
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    be very careful and i'd call the bomb disposal squad
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    Your wondering is irrelevant.

    The OP is making a statement that he/she is pleased with the mini. Not asking for your opinion.
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    Hah. I could just picture Steve giving the keynote.

    "See? It's so small you can just set it down and you can barely even see it. And if you try to step on it? Boom! (tm)"
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    I've got an iPad 3 and have bought an iPad mini. I will be passing the 3 down to my girlfriend. I love my iPad mini!
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    Congrats! Have fun with it :)
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    Geez let them enjoy their purchase. Retina display isn't the be all end all for everyone.
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    Ditto! My girlfriend now has my iPad 3, and I'm rocking the mini. It's phenomenal. Even with the lower resolution screen, I've noticed (surprisingly) that the contrast seems to be higher on this mini as well, which makes reading a joy.
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    There is no whining and complaining from anyone going from an IPad 1 to a mini.

    I wasn't even replying to him but to someone who stated any of the other iPads would show improvement over the 1st.

    Your reply to mine is far more irrevelant than me wondering if he tried another first how they would have felt.
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    The OP wrote about being thrilled with the new mini. No opinions were sought; the post was just an expression of delight.

    Rather than being positive, all you did was wonder whether the OP would enjoy it so much had he/she gone to the mini from a 3 or 4. Aside from that not being any of your business in the first place, your comment comes off as a cheap attempt to denigrate the mini and the OP's choices.
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    I did not reply to him, are you hallunicating? And I can wonder all I want how they would have felt if another was tried first. They didn't listen to naysayers about the mini? How is that even relevant when they went from a 1 to a mini?

    Where did I denigrate the mini anywhere I posted and their choice? I can wonder like I said all I want.
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    Didn't say anything about retina. Not listening to naysayers when going from a 1 to a mini? Geez, I'd leap for joy myself regardless.

    Like I said, I can wonder all I want if they tried another iPad first.
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    I'll be ditching my 3rd gen shortly. Been using LTE mini for a few days now (UK), no more 9.7" iPad for me going forward, the mini is a gazillion times more useful for my usage. Choice is good. Will be first in line for retina mini though, oh yes.
  18. JS3
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    The thing your missing here is that alot of the whiners and complainers are using ipad 3 so it is a step backwards. You went forwards not backwards. So you probably wouldnt understand it.

    Go try the 4 I promise it will blow you away. I had a ipad 3 and went to the 4 and a mini and the 4 is so fast and the screen is sooo nice. The mini is great for certain things mainly reading and some games but its no ipad 4.
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    I'm responding to this on my iPad 3 retina.

    Full size iPad is better for home use, iPad mini is better for on the go use.
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    Having tried the iPad I will never go back to an abacus.

    Was the abacus the first iPad?


    I bet even then people moaned about something with it, especially when they bought out the mini abacus.
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    How many bees do you swallow a day to keep this attitude.
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    Same here - a iPad 1 owner who's second iPad was the mini. I'm very happy with the size and portability of the mini. The only thing I keep going to back on is the lack of LTE for me. I can tether but sometimes have built in LTE is the answer - enough my whining.

    Enjoy your iPad Mini
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    I'd love the whiners and complainers to explain how they would release a thinner, lighter and smaller iPad with retina display and all day battery life for $329. I remember all the complaints when the 3rd gen iPad came out about it being thicker and heavier than iPad 2. Just about every review I've seen of the mini gives it top marks for being so thin and light and have all day battery life. I would assume that was Apple's primary goal with the mini.
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    Welcome to MacRumors; very profound first post.
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    I went from an iPad 4 to a mini and am VERY happy. It does everything I did on the 4 but in a much better form factor for me. Would I like a retina scree? Sure thing but in all I'm very pleased with the mini over the 4.

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