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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nbmoose, Feb 12, 2008.

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    Has anyone placed an MBA order recently (last few days). If so what is your expected delivery date?

    If I order through our corporate apple website will I get it faster? (We get Corp discounts:):))
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    Ordered Feb. 10 ships by Mar. 5
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    Ordered 1.6/80 on Feb 12, ships by Mar 4 to germany

    Basically the three weeks (from 2-3 Weeks) on the Order page added to the order date. That's just business as usual at the Apple Store.
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    That implies supply has not allowed them to build up a demand. It's estimated that Apple likes to operate with an on-hand inventory supply for four weeks. With still a three week lead it's apparent there's no overage over capacity for building any store of inventory.
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    Just got an e-mail, my air shipped this morning! new estimated delivery Feb. 19, but I paid for quick shipping so it could be sooner.
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    My quick ship took two days to receive (Shipped Feb 2, received Feb 4) but with China on holiday for the Lunar New Year it might delay a little in China. It is the tail end of the festival though. Best case scenario you get it Friday, worst case is Monday.
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    Hey, that's great news. I now hope my order will be shipped much earlier than originally stated, too.
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    i ordered a 1.6/80 this morning, wednesday 13FEB @5:40am Pacific Time from amazon.com.

    expected delivery date 14FEB w/amazon prime's next day air delivery.

    weird though, i had logged in to my amazon.com account because i had originally pre-ordered a 1.8/80 on the 28th of last month but after 2 weeks of waiting and hearing that the retail stores had them in i decided to cancel my order. it was a good thing too because i realized that $300 was too much of a price jump to justify 200MHz. anyhow, i saw on the site that the 1.6/80 was available to ship so i jumped on that as quick as i could.

    as of now it says there are THREE 1.6/SSD if you order within the next 5 hours, you can still get it from them for delivery by tomorrow.
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    Happy Valentine's Day to you! :p

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