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Recent Verizon Phone Purchasers Offered Returns or $200 Credits to Switch to iPhone

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 18, 2011.

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    As noted by BGR, an entry in Verizon's iPhone 4 FAQ reveals that the company is offering a couple of minor breaks to existing customers who recently purchased a Verizon phone but are looking to switch to the iPhone 4 when it launches on the carrier on February 10th.

    According to the FAQ entry, customers who purchased a Verizon phone between November 26th and January 10th can return the phone and receive up to a $200 debit card if they switch to an iPhone.
    But considering that the full retail price of the Verizon iPhone 4 is $649.99 for the 16 GB model and $749.99 for the 32 GB model, the offer still leaves those customers on the hook for an extra $250 above and beyond what a customer signing a new contract would pay for the device.

    But those customers who purchased a Verizon phone even closer to the iPhone 4 announcement date may also be able to return their existing phone entirely, as the company allows for returns or exchanges on all wireless devices and accessories within 30 days of purchase, provided that all parts and the original packaging are included.

    Of course, with the Verizon iPhone not launching until February 10th, customers who purchased their Verizon phone before January 11th and who are still in the return window would have to return their phones before that window closes and wait for the iPhone to become available.

    Article Link: Recent Verizon Phone Purchasers Offered Returns or $200 Credits to Switch to iPhone
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    better than nothing. But you're still spending $500 on the iPhone when all said and done if you want the 32gb.
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    like you said.. better than nothing.
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    Yet it be better to just not get it at those prices as money does not grow on trees.
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    We've already seen that people will pay for the privilege of owning an iPhone. This probably won't produce a huge flood of phone returns but it will add a small percentage to the flood of new Verizon iPhone users switching from AT&T.
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    How would this impact people switching from an AT&T iPhone to a Verizon iPhone? This is for people who recently purchased Verizon phones.
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    At full retail...If you actually bought a decent phone like some kind of Droid i'm pretty sure you could just sell it on craigslist or ebay for more than $200. More of a hassle but off contract those kind of phones should pull in more than that.

    But it does say feature phones and certified pre-owned phones...so they will give a $200 credit if you just bought a $20 feature phone?
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    It won't. Customers returning to Vericrap for XYZ reasons will have full subsidized pricing.
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    You better hurry...
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    Not better than nothing

    You could get more money selling the phone on eBay, provided it's a smart phone...
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    Doubt Verizon will sell you the iPhone outright unless you were doing this promotion. $350 ETF eats away at your profits :eek:
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    Honestly, who cares about simultaneous voice and data? How often do you multitask out of the Phone app to go do something else? I've done it maybe... once or twice, but it's hardly a key feature that I couldn't do without. It would be a minor inconvenience at those rare moments where I would like to, but there are ways of dealing with that too, such as using a computer instead, or calling them back once you have what you're looking for. Either way, I don't think it's a big deal.
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    That said with the return of your old phone. This has to be more than just a $200 credit.
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    really, what i do i use it all the time. talking to a promoter and searching our web calendar to double check dates or talking to him and searching the upcoming bands facebook page to see if they are worth it. not to mention the 4k text i send out each month. i would hate to have to hang up to send a text.
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    Dunno. I don't agree with this promotion. It's basically saying "we don't give a crap about our other phones, so we'll take a financial loss to help you get the phone we've always wanted to sell you". I totally disagree with that stance.

    If I were VZ-dub, I would simply offer a trade promotion. AT&T iPhone, $300 credit towards the full unsub price of a VZ-dub iPhone. That way I am not purposely gouging my Droid customers, but I am encouraging customers to jump ship which is what they SHOULD be shooting for. Add customers, not gouge the existing ones. But whatever.

    I'm happy with my Fascinate and even though my phone purchase date falls in that range, I'm so damn dispassionate about the iPhone it's silly. It's not that great of a device for the bare basics - MAKING CALLS AND RECEIVING EMAIL.
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    you can talk and text at the same time on verizon. I do it all the time on my pos motorola uv something or another flip phone.

    And yeah I am planning to buy a iphone 4.
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    i was just trying to point out that some people actually use the phones to their capabilities.
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    Will you be able to talk and surf on Verizon's 4G LTE network once the next generation iphone comes available?
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    According to a leaked Verizon support document for the Thunderbolt: Yes.
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    On an LTE device, yes. But on a 3G device - no. So the question is, will iPhone 5 be LTE capable? Most analysts think not, in which case you'll still be limited to data OR voice.
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    Say you brought a smartphone for $300. Are you returning that phone for a refund plus $200 credit off full price, or returning the phone with no refund and a $200 credit only?

    If the 2nd then the 32GB is actually costing you $749 + $100 (you lost for returned phone) - $200 credit. $649..

    My confusion is if you joined verizon on 11/26/2010 or were eligible for the lowest upgrade price at that point. Shouldn't returning the phone push you back down to the $199/$299 rate?
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    This is a complete rip-off trade in program Verizon is doing.

    In a nut-shell, Verizon will give you "up to $200 Visa gift card" if you trade in your smartphone purchased between Nov 26-Jan 10th.

    1. Regular dumb/feature phones are not eligible for this trade in. Smartphones are worth much more on ebay/craigslist and Verizon is only giving you a $200 visa gift card? That's lame. Because you will still have to pay full $650 plus taxes-$200 gift card. So you are talking your total costs are going to be $450 plus taxes.

    This is in addition to your initial cost basis (yes I am sounding like a finance/accoutant guy). But you initial cost basis to obtain the smartphone is around $100-200 depending on the promotional subsidized price you purchased it at.

    All in all, Verizon isn't doing you any favors.
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    You're not viewing the whole picture. Simultaneous phone and data is very important with this kind of phone. I frequently stream music or run one of the streaming scanner applications to my car stereo via Bluetooth while driving. If you're using an app that is constantly streaming data you're going to run into an issue with data streaming and phone calls.
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    since most of the cost of a phone is in the monthly bill over 2 years, verizon will make a killing giving the used Droids away for free to suckers
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    My point was that phone-switching among Verizon customers will be a trickle compared to a flood of customers coming from AT&T. Just a guess.

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