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Recipe for Turning your PM 7200 into a beast

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by digitalrampage, Aug 4, 2001.

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    Recipe :

    Description : Turn your old 7200 into a BEAST.

    Ingredients :

    1x PCI Firewire 3port/USB 2port Combo Card
    1x Sonnet G4/400 PCI Card
    4x 128mb FPM Dimms
    1x 32mb PCI Grpahics card with DVI out
    1x 18gb 10000 RPM HDD
    1x SCSI Zip 250 and Beige Bezel
    1x 32x SCSI CD-ROM
    1x DVI-ADC COnverter hub
    1x Apple Pro Keyboard
    1x Apple Pro Mouse
    1x 60gb FIrewire Drive
    1x 16x CD-Burner DVD combo
    1x Apple 17 Inch LCD Studio Display with ADC

    Method :

    Open 7200
    Remove HD, memory, PC Card, CD
    Install NEW ZIP, HDD, CD, USB FIREWIRE Card, Video card, and G4 400 PCI Card
    Install new ram
    Close case
    Hook up all Firewire and USB modules
    Hook up DVI to ADC Converter (yes these are available now!!!)
    Hook up 17inch Flat panel display
    Boot, install OS 9.1 (Os X is being planned for the Processor upgrade card)

    And You got one mean mother of a PowerMac 7200 in all its glory.

    And the best thing is, if you had enough cash, everything mentioned is possible.


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    buy a g4. easier and faster.

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    There really is something to be said for the improved bus speed in the new G4's (133MHz) vs. the 7200 (50MHz). Also, the more advanced PCI arbitration chipset, etc.

    Arn here moved from a 7500 (upgraded to G3 300) to a G4 350 and apparently the noticeable speed improvement was massive. And this was under OS 8.6, just general desktop stuff--so AltiVec was doing nothing here--this is mainly system architecture improvement issues--not as much MHz or G4's might over G3, etc. (G4's and G3's tend to bench similarly when AtliVec is not used.)

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    Did it cost More?

    Ah how much Money compared to a normal G4?
    Really it seems like more.
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    unneccesary post

    Believe me or not, I actually think apple should go pack to the look of their old towers (i.e white). Looked very classical and stylish. Just imagine the power of a quiksilver dual 800 housed in an old tower very nice indeed.
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    You're right, I don't believe u....
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    no seriously

    Honestly, they looked good. Just imagine. Or they should go with COMPLETELY clear cases.
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    both of kela's ideas would be incredibly gay

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