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"Recluse is eaten by pet spiders"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Aug 20, 2007.

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    At least his pets were fed!
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    The thread title made me think that a Brown recluse was eaten by its own pet spiders. :eek:
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    Me too, for a second!

    Also from the Metro:

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    That's freakin nasty!

    A man was killed by one of his pet snakes after an earthquake in Los Angeles (the northridge quake) I have to wonder about people who knowingly keep animals that can and instinctively would kill them.

    When I first read the title of this I thought a "Brown Recluse" spider had been eaten by pet spiders, and while that's cool*, it's not as sensational as this.

    *Brown Recluse are among some of the worst spiders EVER. Google image search a bite of one of those, if you dare.
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    I dare. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.
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    Disgusting, isn't it? Now you know why spiders freak me out so much, eh? (we had Hobo spiders in our house in the US, their bite is every bit as bad as the brown recluse. It worried me to no end. I still get that immediate sense of fear when I see a spider)
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    Jaffa Cake

    Proof, if it were needed, that spiders are the work of evil. Horrible little things.
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    Not at all. They're essential things that are quite cute.
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    I don't mind spiders, but I think cute might be pushing it a little!
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    They're just little fuzzy buggers!

    Like small cats with 8 legs!:D
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    Jaffa Cake

    There are exceptions to every rule, of course. Applespiders are noted for their pleasantness and general loveliness.

    So there you go. ;)

    Essential? Fly eating duties could easily be taken over by birds. Everyone likes birds. Except maybe pigeons.
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    Scary stuff, but I guess that is the risk that you take when you own and live with such 'exotic' pets. :eek:
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    Eek. I'm agoraphobic. Hate spiders to death.
    Pretty surprised that this whole story happened less than 50 miles away from where I'm now.
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    Arachnophobic? ;)
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    I second that. There's a reason I don't like spiders and this just reinforces it.

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    Arachnophobia is what you're looking for.
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    wow. this is why i'd never have an exotic pet.
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    What about an erotic one?
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    Are you afraid of all spiders, or just ones that you see in open places?
    Seems a bit odd, if you ask me.

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    What is with this flood of bizarre and - frankly, unbelieveable - stories originating from Germany?

    As a former aquarium owner, I simply don't believe the 'heater exploding and knocking the tank lid off' The heaters have thermostats and are made to go indefinitely without attention.
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    Agreed, this is either complete fabrication or someone misunderstanding what they found.

    A death from a widow bite is extremely unlikely (possible though). Geckos, termites, snakes, and spiders feeding on a dead person just isn't going to happen though. Maybe he knocked over the aquariums when he died (doubtfully from the spider bite) and the people who discovered it freaked out a bit at all the weird animals walking about.
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    Does anyone believe this?
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    It reminded me of Marie Prevost

    "She was a winner, that became the doggie's dinner..."
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    A heater exploding a lid off a tank might be a bit far-fetched for how they escaped to eat their owner as well as how he died, but I do believe that a person died and was partially consumed by their weird choice in pets.

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