Recommend a Bag/Case whille Working Out

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by bembol, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Trying to find a Bag/Case I can bring with me while working out.

    Right now I'm using the iFrogz Silicone Case, which is fine when using Cardio but it's a PITA to carry when I have to start Lifting.

    Looking some Small & Tightly secure. Thanks.
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    Not to sound like an ass, but I think you posted in the wrong forum. This is iPAD not iPOD. Or are you really thinking about working out with your iPad???? :eek:
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    Yes, I'm serious. :(


    I'm at Apple store (getting iPhone 4 replaced) and I think I found it. Incase's Field Bag.
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    no way, lol

    you're seriously going to wear that while working out? lol all i can picture is someone on a treadmill with the ipad "purse" bouncing all around lol :p

    since you have an iPhone why not just use that with the armband? :confused:
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    When I'm on the treadmill I don't carry it, there's a slot to place it down so I can watch Videos.

    I ordered the incase tonight, again this will be used when I'm lifting.
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    I had never thought of using my iPad this way... I guess I could put a mount on the wall in front of the treadmill...
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    I use my iPad all the time in the gym. I put it in the slot on the front of the treadmill, stairmaster or bike - fit's perfectly. The iPad is great for watching movies, TV shows, reading a book or playing a game of Scrabble or two while working out. I have mine in a Portenzo Alano case which is a tad thick for the slot but it does work. I also have my iPod Nano with me for the rest of my workout and put my iPad in a bag at that time.
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    You guys obviously aren't pushing yourselves hard enough at the gym.... Unless you're watching Rocky.

    But Scrabble? Seriously?

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