iPad mini Recommend me a thin folio case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by map1978, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Might be picking up a mini in the next few weeks and was starting to look for a folio case so I can have it at purchase.

    Looking for something really slim, has sleep/wake function, a folio that the mini snaps into, and also must have strong closure when shut. Doesn't necessarily have to have say loop closure, but want something that doesn't flap around.

    Not interested in a smart cover/feather snap combo

    I guess I can go the Amazon way and scoop up one of the many that all look a like folios, but just looking for peoples suggestions and something they use daily.

    I really like the Speck FitFolio and shocked to see there's no sleep/wake function. My Nexus 7 Fitfolio has it :rolleyes: what were they thinking?

    Any input is helpful
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    as i stated, i actually bought the case i listed and currently use it. there seem to be no quality issues with it at all. it currently has 101 reviews on amazon, with 4.5 stars. i think your statement is a little extreme, especially when it comes to amazon. i've purchased a number of cases for my iphone 5 in the last 2 months, and the above ipad case. there are ZERO issues with any of them. just use common sense, read reviews and thoroughly research what you are looking for. theres no reason why a "lesser known" or "cheaper costing" case cant outperform a more expensive, better known one.

    I partially agree with your "avoid ebay" statement, as i think amazon is a little better to deal with as you can usually find an item thats fulfilled by amazon, and not by some shady seller in hong kong.

    and a decent, quality case does not have to be name brand, popular or cost $40. i have my cheap $6 minisuit TPU iphone case that outperform my $15 Elago cases (more costly, good quality and well known).
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    Can't go wrong with the Devicewear Ridge! Have one as well and it's easily the best case I have used so far (tested over a dozen cases for the mini).
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    compare to my other ipad mini, my iPad MINI Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle is may meet your need

    I buy it at christmas.
    'The $26.95 full-folio case has a business bag-like front, and also has a back with Belt Buckle. Together, it's a kickstand case, well, it's a folio case.'

    This is the point I recommend it from it's review:

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    Did I hit a nerve? Relax, I was just giving my opinion based on MY experience. You might have had a better experience ordering cases from Amazon, I haven't. My statement is based on my opinion. Just 'cause you don't agree with me, I'm automatically wrong? Please.

    And FYI, Incase is one of the most popular case companies when it comes to Apple products with very good quality cases. Which is why I recommended them. Now, if you wanna cheap out on cases, that's on you. I'd rather spend the extra money and know exactly what I'm gonna get.

    I don't understand how some of you drop hundreds of dollars on something and want to spend the least amount of money possible protecting that investment. I'm not saying all cheap cases are bad, sure, there are plenty of lesser known brands that are good. But like I said, it's hit or miss.
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    you didnt hit a nerve, i just didnt want you to steer the OP away from a potential case he wanted, just because it was on amazon or ebay. i agree there is some cheap junk out there, which is why i said to look carefully and do your research. sure, buying sight unseen can really suck when it comes to cases. which is why we need to rely on others feedback and pictures. the point of my reply wasnt to debunk you or your experience, but to show that a decent case can be had which doesnt need to be top name brand and expensive. the case i bought was exactly the kind of case i wanted. if it was $30, i wouldve bought it as well. it just happened to fit the bill as it stood. ive had nothing but positive experiences with amazon this past year, with 50+ purchases. and alot of them were buying products ive never bought before and was relying on word of mouth and reviews. which is why i review all of my cases on there to help others.
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    check this out: http://www.amazon.com/MoKo-Slim-Fit...qid=1365210532&sr=8-2&keywords=moko+ipad+mini

    and http://www.amazon.com/Premium-Genui...id=1365231941&sr=1-3&keywords=frieq+ipad+mini

    EDIT: didn't realize OP was dec 2012, sorry...
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    The idea of the iPad MINI leather rotary case has belt buckle seems great...

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