Recommend software to increase the resolution of an image?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by mashinhead, Nov 7, 2006.

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    I'm looking for software. preferably cheap that will increase the resolution of a web dl'd image. I know extensis has one but i can't find it on their site, and i think it is bundled with other software.
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    have you used any of these are they good. Also that company also sells Genuine Fractals is that the same thing?
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    They all have trials and all use different approaches, so you may want to try all and see what works best on your images. "Best" is really subjective here. Even some of the options offered by the cheap GraphicConverter can offer pleasing results.

    Same company but different zoom method.
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    I've used Genuine Fractals. It's good but not a miracle-worker... don't expect to get a clean A4 300ppi+ image from a web graphic.

    After using it I tend to then over-size with an action in Photoshop to size up at 1% increments, clean artifacts up manually, some judicious smart blurring in places and a bunch of other tweaks then sample down.

    Or even better, recreate the artwork if it's simple. Do this a few times a month for crap-quality web logos that others send us for print.
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    Sorry but if this artwork passes a repro house, it would get fired back to you. The only thing you can do is source the originaal high res image or reshoot. There is no magic wand and anything else will look fudged and bodged. Sorry!
    Edit: Is it a photo or artwork, if artwork, you stand a better chance, and sorry for jumping in like that, it can be done more sucessfully!
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    I'm going to suggest the gimp :)

    Not saying it will work miracles but it may do what the op wants
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    this is for images found off the web that need to be blown up to decent resolution for comps.
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    A pencil and some watercolors (or acrylic if you prefer). Scanner is also necessary.
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    I've had pretty poor results with Genuine Fractals. In fact, a scaled-up-in-photoshop version looked better that the GF results. (Translation, file wasn't useable).
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    Fred Miranda makes a cheaper photoshop plug in. I use genuine fractals and the Miranda plug in. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Look for star interpolation on
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    not sure how critical the image is.. but try googling "rasterbator" oor just go here:

    - its a webbased app so its free.. and there is a downloadable version, but its mainly a windoze app- questionable results on mac, havent tried it out myself..
    but just thought it might help in your search- and on the cheap/free side

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