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Record AT&T Smartphone Sales Bode Well for iPhone in 4Q 2012

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 5, 2012.

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    CNET reports on comments from AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega today revealing that the carrier has experienced record-breaking smartphone sales through the first two months of the fourth quarter of 2012.
    The current record for the carrier was set in the fourth quarter of 2011 with 9.4 million smartphone activations on the strength of the iPhone 4S launch.

    Given that the iPhone typically represents 70-80% of AT&T's smartphones, the carrier's record numbers for the quarter so far bode well for Apple. Apple will likely also see a boost from its rapid rollout of the iPhone 5, which is already offered in nearly 50 countries and will be available in more than 50 additional countries by the end of the month.

    Apple is clearly expecting a blockbuster quarter, having issued guidance for a record $52 billion in revenue on the strength of not only the iPhone 5 but also the new iPad mini and the just-updated full-size iPad, as well as recent updates to most of the company's Mac and iPod lines.

    Article Link: Record AT&T Smartphone Sales Bode Well for iPhone in 4Q 2012
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    Perfect. Now I don't want to hear any complaining about how my contract isn't up when I'm trying to upgrade to the iPhone 5S next year. :p
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    pretty sure that partly accounts for those who upgrade every year
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    Great news!

    Presumably the stock will fall still further on this wonderful news.
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    :D So sad, so true.
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    Maybe the Nokia Lumia 920 raised their sales since its a new phone and it was sold at $99 with a charging plate.
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    Nokia who?
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    I hope they use some of the cash to rush the upgrades to their network. Of course, I always say that.
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    Here I was thinking there is a recession. We have money for the things we want.
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    But I read the iPhone was doom... again :D
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    Westside guy

    The correction appears to have run its course: Apple's share price via Yahoo!
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    CNBC (financial) reported today the AT&T disclosure was an expectation of lower iPhone sales. Factor that in. The figure reported by AT&T was for "all smart phones". I have an opinion. Samsung had a promotion last year and last quarter of 2 for one on their handsets. There may have been a saturation on that deal. We'll see.
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    No wonder he has the worst network and customer service. The numbers show he doesn't need to and his customers are obviously happy with the service.
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    Yeah, that must be it :rolleyes:

    Have you even seen one in the wild?
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    Oh geez, my AAPL shares can't take much more good news this week. :mad:
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    How is this possible? I thought Apple was doomed and on their way to becoming the next RIM.
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    How about enabling FaceTime you son of a #*#*{


    Jeez man - stop being such a hater.

    Where do u come up with this crap?
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    Eat that, Verizon?
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    Ah so this is why their stock was down almost 7% today. :)
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    70-80%? 10% is pretty big number, when we talk about millions,
    If you didnt understand it, read again until u get it
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    So they're reporting record phone sales in the quarter but expect iPhone sales to be lower?
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    Yeah, AT&T's stock gets hit every time they mention huge smartphone sales, especially subsidy-heavy iPhones.

    It's partly because it means they'll have a ton of money tied up paying up front for those phones, each of which takes an average of 20 months for AT&T to get repaid from the monthly phone bill.
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    He was talking about Apple's stock. It took a huge hit, getting knocked down 37 points for a 6.5% loss.

    AT&T's stock dropped 1 penny today.
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    Well you did sign the contract, and they have to recoup the subsidy costs. Personally I hate the subsidy model. It's like you're taking out a high interest loan from the carrier.
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    1 more

    Just bought another one today? The maps suck.

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