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Recording in a Round Room

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by Mattaut, Mar 26, 2009.

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    I'm curious how recording in a round room would effect sound. Say you just put one sm58 in the middle of the room and talk into it, how would it compare to recording in a rectangular room?
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    sound reflects off walls, so having a round wall would certainly affects things. also, sound waves don't have to move in straight lines, and can follow curved walls, so that would affect things too.

    i'm no acoustician so can't be specfic, sorry.
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    depends entirely on all factors which affect the sound: dimensions, finishes, source, etc.
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    I'm not looking for exact specifications of how a certain round room would sound compared to a certain rectangular room. If there are two rooms that are pretty much the same size and have same finish and everything is the same except one is circular and one is rectangular, are there any general differences is the sound between them? If someone was standing in the middle of the room talking into a 58 would there be more or less reverberation or phase cancellation or something in the round or rectangular room? Would it be cleaner and clearer in one or the other?
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    Here is my guess...

    In the simple case of a mic in the dead center the two things that are different in a round room would be that (1) all the walls a equidistant. Now a round room is NOT a spherical room so you still have floor and ceiling but the walls are equidistant. So I'd expect the room to act as a comb filter. (2) The walls are also curved and reflect the sound exactly back to the center so the comb filter effect would be strong. But "details matter"

    A comb filter because the reflected sound would add in or out of phase based on the frequency and the radius of the room
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    i'd say comb filtering is a fair bet. some frequency, based on the radius of the room, will either be emphasized or attenuated in the center.
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    Seems like a circular room could be a standing wave mecca, seeing as it is basically a room with many many very fine parallel walls. Especially through the center.

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