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Recording Sound

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by strat2k2, Dec 9, 2002.

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    I don't know about you, but I dont like how OS X is missing a simple sound recording program. All I want is something free that can record sound and maybe play it backwards or something, like all Windows computers seem to have. Anyone know of such a thing?
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    Sounds like something that would be on the top of Apple's list of things to code.

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    Yeah... iRecord: Now you can connect any line or mic input source to your... wait a second, most of our computers made over the last few years don't even have audio inputs. Nevermind :)
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    Since when????

    Most machines have audio in!
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    I know the quicksilvers don't, the imac FP doesn't, and i'm not sure about recent ibooks / powerbooks. You had to use a USB audio device. Thankfully, audio in has returned with the emacs and mirrored cd bay powermac, but they no longer support PlainTalk microphones that Apple used to make :(
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    The PowerBook has one, the iBook has an inBuilt Mic, the iMac also has an inBuilt Mic.
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    yeah, but what about a simple in-port like my pmac for going from a stereo to your computer. a mic is great for voice, but not much more. they need bot. the in-port and the built-in mic. like the emac.
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    THEY do not NEED

    It is not a heavily used port.... I like them and OCCASIONALLY use an in port but not all that often that I could care if I have on or not
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    They have built-in mics, but the Rev A and B PowerBooks (and all the models AssassinOfGates mentioned) don't have line level inputs. All Macs used to have them, then Apple took them away, then they changed their minds and brought them back. An iRecord app would be a lot less useful if all it could do was capture from the built-in microphone.
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    ahhh, if you really want an in-port the built-in mic is attached to one. how else does the mac get the sound in.

    same as the built-in monitor on the imac is attached to a video out port. if iRecord took from the line-in it would get both.

    just destroy your mac case and make the mic port a line-in. OR, hassle apple to put them back on all machines.

    and as for not being heavily used. my dad and myself both have new pmacs. we use them at least every two or three days.
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    Or you could just buy a Griffin iMic for AU$100 or a similar type product.

    I must point out, I spoke about what I do not what everyone does. It you use it a lot, though, it is worth the AU$100 (probably around US$55).
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    as mentioned, there are usb/audio devices, plus pci cards, firewire devices, and probably others.

    it seems to me that apple, knowing its machines are used for pro audio, decided to let people buy (the much higher quality) outboard gear. i'm sure it saved them a few bucks here and there in doing that, for those who have no use for audio in.

    that leaves only the hobbyist who would like some decent audio, but doesn't want to spend any extra $$. looks like you're out in the cold (you cheapos :)

    personally, i have a digidesign box that comes w/ a pci card. i've never used my audio in jack -- why would i? the quality stinks.

    for the original poster: many of these devices come w/ their own software.

    another thought: now that apple has acquired emagic, perhaps an iApp based on it is coming? (i.e. the iApp is simple and free, Emagic's Logic is still a high-end, pay-for item)
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    i am gettiing myself a digidesign digi001 when i can get enough monsy (soon) so i am just using the port until then. my dad is using it to transfer his 78s to cd. i think he may move on to the others once he realises spin doctor works.
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    Jesus christ, what an attitude!

    Nearly ALL computers have sound in.. it makes no sense for them not to have it. Quite honestly, we do not care if YOU use it or not. A lot of people do. I don't, but many do. Say you want to transfer some vinyls to mp3s. A lot of people do not want to have to go and buy an audio interface for this!

    If you're going to bill the mac as a machine that's great for audio/video, it should at least be able to provide SOME sort of audio in out of the box.
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    Just curious, who suckered you into the digi001? :)
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    yeah, that's what i've got. it's nice.

    do you need to record 8 simultaneous tracks? if you can get by w/ 2, check out the Mbox. it's cheaper, doesn't require a PCI slot, and has some nice FocusRite preamps.


    get it now w/ free mic for $450:

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    The bottom line is, it should not require an additional amount of money to get something that it should come with. People buy macs expecting a great audio/video computer, and when it has no audio in, they pull a very feissy... hrrrng?

    And yes, you are very good at pointing out how you use it, which is fine, but then you use your usage to justify if it is a glaring omission or not. And it is.
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    And just for the record, I own a mirred-door G4 with a sound in jack, but I use MOTU stuff for all my sound and midi recording, etc. The sound-in on the mac DOES sound like total ****. However, I still think its stupid not to have that jack. What if you wanna plug in a mic quick for "real chatting" over IM or something? Not that you'd probably want to, but hey, it would cost them about a dollar to add a mic port.
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    Re: Recording Sound

    ANYWAY, as for you, a good free app for this for OS X would be Audacity. Go ahead and pick it up at sourceforge.net.


    Donno why no one else answered you, heh. Spark ME is free, but it's proally too much.
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    One letter off. Could have been worse.

    Audacity requires X11, doesn't it?
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    I just thought I'd point out that the Griffin iMic is only $34.95 in the US.

    I have one and it works great. I wish my iBook did have a regular audio line in. The built-in mic sucks. It records more sound from my hard drive spinning than my voice.
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    noone thankyou, i wanted one cause it is nice and

    no i cant get by w/2 channels i am afraid. and, even if i could i dont want USB audio. yuck!. i do pro mixing right now on a <hangs head in shame>win98 pc</hangs head in shame> and want to go to a mac. this is serious studio mixing but on a small budget. i am selling the pc to a friend who is starting up and getting enough to get the digi001. the pc uses the mbox and it is ok.
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    ONE DOLLAR!!!! where are you making your macs???? America???

    it cost them more like 2c. bulk and in taiwan. 1c to get it and 1c to have it installed on the board.

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