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Recover deletes without bull@&)$ software

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by Dr. Gzus, May 24, 2012.

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    How can I recover a PowerPoint (2011) file I dumbassedly deleted from my desktop without purchasing one of those bs bait-n-switch "free recovery" programs that will find your file but not recover it without the $90 'upgrade'?

    My backup situation is solid but does not apply here so please no finger wagging. I'm comfortable with Terminal.

    Also, I've googled some but now I'm drunk so, yeah. Presentation gone, but I'm nonetheless pretty dern awesome (status tomorrow uncertain). Fellow nerds, help me? I could probably re-do the entire prez in the amount of time I've wasted trying to recover it, but I'm addicted to interwebz (and homebrewed beer). Both give me solid answers if I swallow enough.
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    If you deleted it from your desktop, it should be in your trash.
    If you deleted it in the terminal, its gone and you will need to buy some bs software to recover it.
    If you backup solution was solid, you would never have created this post.

    Here is a link that may help you in the future.

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