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Recover Videos from iPod to MBP

Discussion in 'iPod' started by danielbriggs, May 16, 2007.

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    I used to have all my iTunes library on my MBP, music and videos. But I was running out out space with all the videos. So I moved just the videos sucsessfully onto an external drives, and iTunes was syncing fine, with the music stored locally, and the movies on the external HDD. But a few days ago, I was trying to convert one of the other partitions of the external drive from HFS to FAT, (for vista to access) but it messed up, disk utility crashed, and I lost the lot. After hours of trying to get it back, i gave up and reformatted. I only lost a backup and all my videos as the drive was fairly new.

    But how do I get the the VIDEOS off the iPod and back onto the HDD? I can find loads of programs for music recovery, but none for videos. I was looking around in the hidden folder, and they are all funny names like HG009 etc. As I was hoping to drag and drop the lot. But it looks like I can't.


    Dan :)
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    If you can use Windows, iDump pulls everything off your iPod into proper folders and it works great.
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    Does that preserve the iTunes library with names and titles and locations etc?
    I can get the video's off, but they have dodgy file names, and I don't fancy renaming and re-adding around 80 DVDs and 160 TV shows.

    Thanks though.

    Dan :)
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    Question of my own, possible answer to OP...

    I am trying to recover songs from an iPod after a drive crash as well.

    If I enable invisible files in the finder using a terminal command, I can see a music folder on the iPod. It has a bunch of 4-letter names for songs, nothing recognizable. But if I give them the ole double click, and they open in iTunes, they have the proper file/song/album names yada yada yada...

    Does that technique really work? I know it would require a manual reimporting of the songs, but the only important thing here is saving the data itself...

    Can anyone enlighten to this method?
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    For song recovery use iPodRip, you can download a shareware version, which is a full verison, apart from you can only use it 10 times. So if you are really good at it (and don't close it) you can basically get all your stuff back for free. It preserves playlists, songs, iTunes library data, the Lot!!! But it doesn't work for videos and movies :-(

    Dan :)

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