Recovering a stolen PowerBook

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by davecuse, Jun 2, 2004.

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    My senior year of college my apartment was robbed 4 times, I had 1 Dell laptop and 2 PowerBooks stolenin the process. I've sinced moved far far away from the school, but I'd still like to have a little piece of mind. I seem to recall finding a piece of software that would install at a low level on my hard drive, and report the IP address it is using to connect to the internet. Is anyone familiar with anything like this? A link would be great, my younger sister is heading off to college this year and I would like to set her powerbook up with this. Thanks
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    You should also look into getting a kensington syle computer lock. Sure it won't stop a determined thief, but the chances are good that they will skip a locked computer for one that is not. It is all about speed and convenience for them.
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    I am about to go to University and this is one of my prime worries. Thanx for the link jxyama.

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