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Discussion in 'Community' started by iJon, Jun 7, 2003.

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    Ok here is my problem:

    On my PC, I installed red hat 9 on a slave hard drive. I dont play with it anymore so I formatted the Hard Drive. Before I deleted it whenever i restart my pc i would get this command line at startup called "grub". I would have to shut down and start back up and everything would be fine. Well now no matter what I do I get the Grub command line. I tried replacing the Boot Sector but that didnt help. is there anything I can delete with Windows recovery on an xp disc or does anyone know of a command I can type to stop it or just get into windows. I would hate to have to reinstall xp but i wiil live. i just felt someone on here would know more than i would and can help me get out of this odd situation.

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    grub should reside somewhere on your master drive. basically your computer is using grub as the bootloader instead of the nt loader (ntldr). you probably have to boot to the cd for xp and go into console recovery. then you should repair the master boot record. this _may_ fix your problem but you never know because windows is notorious with these things for just plain sucking. i'm not familiar with grub (i use lilo) but you may be able to point it to the xp installation and just boot it that way. google it.
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    i forgot to post earlier, i fixed ie before someone responded. i just replaced the master boot record and everything was fine. thanks for input though spark.

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    yeah, lol. i remember having this problem with LiLo, which is just like grub, with mandrake linux. it's as easy as booting with a windows 95 boot disk and entering "fdisk /mbr" or something like that.

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