Red White and Blue iMac

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by pgwalsh, Jul 16, 2002.

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    I'd like to see a special edition Flat Panel iMac that has Red, White, and Blue flag on it. Something like the old iMacs but with the flag. I'd buy one just because I think it's cool.

    Anyone else have a special iMac they'd like to see?
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    I'd like a TiMac... i dont really like the snow look... something more quicksilver meets xserve would be nice
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    You can already have a red white and blue iMac. just take a Snow Ruby and Indigo and put em together.
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    Contact these people and see if they can help you out. It looks like we will soon be able to get skins for the iBooks, iPods and TiBooks... About damn time too.
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    That is really tight. My dream comp would be the top of the line powermac, the dual ghz or whatever might come out in august, with a good graphics card and warcraft III - and Starcraft just in case I get sick of WC :).
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    I was thinking Apple could do a SE iPatriot. It may sound a little cheese, but I'd like one and I don't usually go for that kind of stuff.
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    I woud like to see that web site sell skins for the old 366 iBook so it can look as good as my TiBook.

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