Redesigned Vox Music Player 1.0 Offers Minimalistic Interface and Support for Multiple File Types

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 3, 2013.

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    The Vox Music Player was originally created as a universal media player in 2007. Its simple design and its support for a wide range of file types led to a surge in popularity, but development stalled and it largely fell out of the public eye. Coppertino, an independent development studio that focuses on Mac and iOS software, has since adopted and redesigned the media player.

    Vox 1.0 retains the minimalistic design of the original software, but comes equipped with a number of upgrades. It supports a wide variety of audio formats like MP3, FLAC, AAC, Musepack, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, and more, plus it integrates easily with iTunes.

    The app supports a number of music sources including network drives, external hard drives, and VPN-connected storages and its built-in equalizer comes equipped with presets and adjustments to improve the listening experience.
    Vox 1.0 will enter open beta next week, but MacRumors readers can sign up to download the beta version of the app immediately from the Coppertino website.

    Article Link: Redesigned Vox Music Player 1.0 Offers Minimalistic Interface and Support for Multiple File Types
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    I've never used this app, but it looks like it's worth giving a try. I'm glad it's being supported again.
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    Killa Aaron

    I like their snazzy teaser video, gonna try this out.
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    Feed Me

    Wow, very smooth and pretty on my rMBP. I've been getting really damn sick of iTunes lagging all over the place with my big library. Liking it.
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    I've always enjoyed using Vox to do a quick preview of songs I download. Love the update so far.
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    Here's a direct link to the download in case you don't want to sit through their silly intro video: Vox
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    Very neat

    This is one of best designed Mac apps I have seen in a while.

    If I remember correctly, the old Vox supported Audio Unit plugins. This seems to be gone in this version. Also, it can only show tracks grouped by Albums.

    But still beats iTunes.
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    Jessica Lares

    I love Vox. Am really pleased to see the redesign. It's beautiful. I really hope they do an iOS version soon.
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    Is there an option to show the bitrate of a song in this new vox version ? Kbps

    In the old app which still works in mountain lion , there is an option to show the quality of a song 320kbps or whatever it is

    Here's a link to the old vox I'm using now
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    Jessica Lares

    Yeah, it shows up next to the MP3 | HQ info:

  12. vividmethod, May 3, 2013
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    The whole reason for using this app is to avoid the dreaded memory hog that is known as iTunes. That said, OS 10.7 and 10.8 are guilty of being memory hogs as well.

    That said, they REALLY need to make this 10.6.8 compatible!

    Fantastic app, love the fact that they kept the option to load all music in a folder automatically. I'm still using version 0.2.8, and with that said, they need to add a few things;

    - make it snap to corners of the desktop to move it to the very edge of a screen (just like Adium)
    - Make it Snow Leopard Compatible!
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    I have some 5.1 encoded audio files that quit working in 10.8 on iTunes (DTS encoded lossless files).

    My 4-channel FLAC files, which I can output properly via optical out on Windows just say "FLAC-HD" in this new Vox player, and don't come across as surround files on my receiver.

    Where can we set up the mentioned surround sound settings?
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    Been using VOX for years. I love how I just click a .FLAC in a folder and it loads them all up and plays the album! :)
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    It's a neat application, but it has some silly problems.

    For one, the scrolling sucks. If you're using a magic mouse it slows down way too fast when you lift.

    Also, they're including "The" when they sort. That's mildly annoying since I'm used to iTunes not doing that (plus its better this way).
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    I've used the Vox player for a few months since moving to Mac. I had Vox recommended to me by someone on another forum and I think its a great music player. Its simple, but plays a lot of different formats. Its the only music player I use.

    I look forward to seeing the redesigned player. :D
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    There is a EQ when You click on volume button!
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    I downloaded the app before I found out it doesn't work on SL.
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    It seems to be limited to 2 different outputs (plus System Default).

    I have an Apple TV and also run Air Server on my MBP. Only System Default, Air Server, and Built-in Output appear in the list in Preferences and Air Server and Built-in when I click the volume button.

    If I quit Air Server then my Apple TV appears in its place.
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    Really like the concept and the visuals, but maybe I'm doing something wrong, but making playlists from within the app is a bit of a pain.

    I can right click a song and add to playlist easy enough, but if you use the search feature to find a song in the iTunes library, I can't right click it. And double clicking actually opens the file, and starts to play it.
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    fantastic player
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    How come you have those full screen arrows in the top-right corner?
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    Does it have Resume Playback? Such essential feature (mostly to hear long playlists from head to toe, resuming playback when the Mac is rebooted) was available in SoundJam MP back in 2000 from where iTunes was developed.
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    Interesting concept but i am still struggling to find the playlists i have created in itunes.
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    I can't see or play my itunes playlists? :confused:

    Also I miss navigating with just a letter press. So that pressing letter "R" brings me to artists with R.

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