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Redused HuluPlus content on ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sidefx, Jun 19, 2013.

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    Is the apple TV the only device that has the cut in content on hulu?

    Is the only way around this is to airplay hulu thru my computer?
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    Sky Blue

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    Many shows and networks available on the website are not showing up on my apple TV.
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    Certain companies only give Hulu the right to stream shows on computers and not other devices, as explained here.
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    I have to admit I only came here to find out what"redused"means
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    Me too, but then I realized OP meant reduced.
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    I think you are seeing the difference between Hulu free and Hulu PLUS. For some dumb contractual reason or another Hulu PLUS has limited selection and is all you get on mobile and tv devices. Only on a computer do you get Hulu Free.

    So pay for Hulu PLUS, get less selection and still get the ads, or use airplay from your mac while using hulu free.

    I just don't get hulu. Id gladly watch an ad here or there to see old shows/seasons if it were free. Why they have such a problem with content and TV vs Monitor I don't know.

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    We ditched Cable because all the shows we watch (which isnt many) was on hulu plus. I bought a ATV to watch on our TV's, I'm just disappointed that I get only about 1/3 of the shows to watch...

    I guess I will have to airplay, but will need to get a new mac since mine is a 2009 MBP and does now allow mirroring.
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    or get airparrot or something similar to it ;)
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    Use AirParrot.
    I have a 2009 MBP and AirParrot allows me to Airplay Mirror my screen to the TV. Works well. Only $10.

    Alternate solution: find an Apple TV 2 and jailbreak it. I have two ATV2's, jailbroken with XBMC and the "bluecop" plugins installed. It allows me to watch Free Hulu on the ATV2 without using Airplay. You can also change the settings so that you never see commercials. Works great. (ATV3's can't be jailbroken. That's why ATV2's are selling on ebay for ~$300 a piece these days.)

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