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referb iPod from Apple Store- 3000+ songs already on it

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by runplaysleeprun, Oct 10, 2004.

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    So i picked up a referbished iPod from the apple store woodfield today with/for my younger sister. on the way back she takes it out of the box, plugs in the headphones, starts messing around, and exclaimes "ooo, I like this song!!" At first, I though she was pulling a (very poor) joke, but when I looked at the iPod, it had over 3000 songs, 150+ of which were iTMS songs, and a nearly dead battery. When i plugged it into my iMac, it gave me the dialog box about the iPod being associated with another iTunes library, and the option to associate it with mine, clearing the iPods HD. It mounted the iPod as "Katie's iPod". I just found it wierd that apple would sell referb iPods without first checking the HD's for material or anything along those lines. I figured something like that would be part of the refurb testing procedure. and, i'm wondering why katie returned her iPod, it seems in good nik to me. anyone hear or anything similar?
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    Duff-Man says....Yes, I would imagine resetting/reformatting the iPod is part of the "normal" refurb process....looks like someone slipped up on this one though...oh yeah!
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    were any of the songs good? you could of, you know, added 3000+ songs to your library with that new iPod.... ;)
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    I'm sure it was just a simple oversight on Apple's part, and hey you've got free songs so I wouldn't worry about it! And don't fret that's a refurb, Katie prob wanted an iPod mini!
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    I can only go through and take out each song one at a time that I want using an iPod ripping program. I think I took about 70, none of the iTMS ones, though. Then I reformated it, and no problems now.
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    who knows why it went back

    It could have been returned for a lot of reasons, maybe the person just didn't want it and returned it. I think that Apple (and any other company) just makes an return whether working or not into a "refurbished" product.
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    Wow. That would be an interesting promotion for Apple. Load up 100 various songs on a new iPod. So you get some freebees when you purchase a new unit.
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    I'd prefer a $100 gift voucher from the iTMS! Don't they already do something like this on a smaller scale? I got my Pod before the iTMS UK was fully fledged but I'm pretty sure I've heard of something similar.

    Or they could preload songs from past pod commercials, that would be pretty cool.
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    Could it be possible that someone brought there iPod in to get checked out, had to leave it there for a period of time....and some sorta mix up occurred, which is how you got it?
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    it was in box, sealed with tape and a refurb sticker. I'm near positive that a mix up with someone bringing in their iPod and accidentally leaving with another couldnt happend. All the iPods in the Apple Store are teathered to the tables, as well. :)
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    At our store, when we get an iPod to refurb I always fully restore and clean and charge it.
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    When a product is damaged and returned to the Apple store for a refurb it is not refurb'd in the store, they send it back to Apple and then it is sold to a store from there on, but when a customer is unsatisfied with a product they return it and the store sells it as "Refreshed"... This is how the guy at my Apple store explained it to me, he said "Its Refreshed, that means someone returned possibly to get another product and we just wiped it down and installed whatever it came with again, Refurbished would have to be sent out to Apple and we wouldnt have that"

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