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reformatting my ipod to mac: can i get the game back i downloaded on my pc?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ashjamben, Jul 26, 2008.

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    hey, thanks for reading

    i have a 5g ipod which i bought about 2-3 years ago, which when i first got it was formatted to pc as i didn't have a mac. when i bought a mac i kept it formatted to pc because i could still use it with both my mac and my pc, even though i never use my pc.

    basically my ipod is dying from various diseases and illness's (sometimes i have to press down fairly hard below the screen to get the left ear to work, sometimes and normally when i put it on charges it takes a couple of minutes to get past the black apple screen then it asks for the language and everything else is reset but my music still there, and when i click to play a new song it freezes for 19 seconds precisely)

    so i want to reformat it to mac. my mac is my main computer now so seems logical to do this. but...

    i bought a game for it a while ago, pulse to be precise. i want this when i reformat but obviously wont be able to get it off my pc once it is, if its still on there. is there a way of putting it onto my mac?

    EDIT: just thought i'd add, when i try to download it again on my mac it tells me i have already bought it, and asks if i want to buy it again
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    ok, a quick update.

    i managed to get the game file from my windows computer and put it on my mac using a memory stick

    i have now restored my ipod and it is mac formatted now, but it won't allow me to put the game onto my ipod because it says 'you are not authorized from this computer'.

    any other ideas?
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    ok, i think you can ignore this thread now.

    i managed to, kind of, do it. i just needed to authorise my mac with my itunes account. i thought i already had done a long time ago, but have had a logic board fixed since then which if i remember rightly requires you to re-authorise it as a new computer.

    the problem lies with the ipod now, which sounds as if the hard drive wants to retire, theres some funny sounds coming from this thing. it allows music to be put onto, but for some reason won't sync the game and comes up with ipod error -5000. oh, the joy. and i just found the classic palm rest crack on my macbook. great :( i'm having a pretty **** day, so i'm gonna chill out abit.

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