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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by kellen, Jan 6, 2009.

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    Just saw Apple has the rev a refurb up for 999.99

    Wow, such a drop. Wasn't it last at 1199?

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    I believe it had been at $1199, then $1149 for a while. This makes me think that Air really doesn't sell all that well, and they are trying to clear out inventory.
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    The Rev B sells fine, thats a Rev A, which considering its issues isn't too attractive.
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    or $1299 for a refurbished SSD ?

    excuse me if this is off topic, but i've been thinking about buying an air as a second computer, and im not looking for a lot of storage or anything, just something functional to travel with and occasionally watch ripped movies through quicktime. would is this be a good purchase ?
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    I was just looking at that. Looks like a Sweet Deal.
    Over here in Europe we don't have these Prices like you do...they had the refurb base 1.6/80 Model for around 1550 USD....i could fly to NY buy an air and still save money...
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    Unfortunately the AIR (rev 1) does not do video well . .

    So for the ripped video question using quicktime? I would say get a macbook. Especially any streaming video.. forget it. You get about a frame a second. That's why they are $999. I just ordered me a MacBook after selling my air.
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    dammit. i just bought a MBA from macmall for 1149 last month. Oh well. :eek:
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    Okaay... :eek: :cool:

    I bit the bullet and will be returning Rev B SSD (lines issue) and purchased this $999 special. After working with the Rev B it seems I spent far more time on web apps / web mail / browsing and everything else still on my 24" desktop.

    Will I miss the Rev B SSD and possibly inherit video/heating issues? Ofcourse, I'd be lying otherwise. But looking forward to a no lines display.

    At this price and a 2 week return policy, I think it's a worthwhile risk.
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    I did the same exact thing about 10 days ago. Returned my Rev B SSD
    cause my eyes were burning and got myself a Rev A 1.6/80 and could not be happier. You notice the Speed Difference (SSD helps).
    But it does all the stuff I wanted to do Mail/Web/Excel/Word and it is actually quite and youtube hickups no nothing...just a great machine....
    REV A ROCKS!!!
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    No way. I used a Rev A MBA for 10 months before getting my Rev B, streaming video works fine.

    Install coolbook and make sure the air vent isnt covered and you will have no problems.
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    Hey Jude

    Bit the bullet

    .......and ordered one. I just couldn't wait until the Rev B's screen issues got resolved.

    I hope that I haven't made a gigantic mistake getting the Rev A, though.

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    I really want one! But I guess I will have to keep my MBP. 999 is a steal though.
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    You'll have 14 days to answer that question.
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    Great deal - but remember that video on this thing, especially with all the "high def" out there, is going to suffer.

    Best wait for a deal on the nVidia versions, maybe a price drop for them new not too far off?
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    I agree, as in the UK refurb store there has been a MBA for £880 that has sold since I first saw it, at the beginning of November. It may have been on the refurb store even longer.
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    Time really flies

    My MBA Rev A 1.6/2/80 model is 7 months old now. I got it sealed NIB on eBay for $1599 with SuperDrive and 3 Year Applecare and have not had any trouble with it.

    It consistently runs cooler than my MB, MBP or iMac under a given load and while it does speed up the fan and warm up anytime video is involved I've never had core shut downs or jittery local video.

    I use this machine about 95% of the time now (my poor iMac only gets used occasionally for heavy lifting - large storage, large screen, dvd ripping etc). I expect I could get by with the new RevB as an only machine along with an AirPort drive.

    The Rev A hard drive (size and speed) are the most limiting for me. Reloading the OS with custom options to leave out the stuff I don't use, and using Xslimmer on the stuff I do use made a huge difference in both space and performance. Still can't have all my pics, music, and video but can have enough for traveling and now I don't find it a constant struggle to keep enough free HD space.

    I'd love a Rev B 1.86/SSD but just can't justify that money when this machine works so well for me. Maybe this will get me to RevC which I'm sure will be even better (2ghz 4gb, 256gb?)
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    I went in earlier yesterday to test the Rev B 1.86/128ssd.. all I can say is wow. Apple really did it this time. I had the Rev A MBA 1.86/64 and the 1.6/80, and both of them.. were on par to a 350 dollar notebook, yet sometimes WORSE because of the cooling issues in the small form factor.

    I can honestly say the new macbook airs are worth the money. They are no longer glorified netbooks. I put 2, not one but 2, Hulu episodes in HD quality in the background, and was still able to stream a 1080p quicktime trailer, NO STUTTERS. Unbelievable.

    Rev B should have been what Rev A was.

    Rev C will probably have the new battery technology, maybe 2.2ghz 6mb l2 cache, 2gig ddr3, nvidia 9400m, 256 SSD, USB 3.0, mini display, sound. Battery life: 6 hours heavy use, 8 hours semi.

    I don't see them putting 4 gig in an ultra portable, but that would be my wish.
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    I jumped on one of those.

    Really good deal.
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    i just purchased one as well. i've somehow never owned a notebook, so this will be my first. and i love my imac but this could be the push i need to get me to sell it. so that is neat.
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    $999 sounds like a fantastic deal to me. My wife and I got a brand new one 3 months ago at Best Buy when they first dropped to $1,299 and we've been quite happy with it. We've had no issues with the cooling or any other problems with it at all.
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    Well, considering that as time passes, and there is no real solution to upgrading the RAM, future-proofing the MBA with 4GB seems very viable.

    Asides from that, I agree with your other predictions.
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    Hey Jude

    After some thought, I ordered the SSD instead, but alas was too late to cancel the HDD order, so both will ship.

    I am still not sure, based on posts that I have read here, if the SSD will make that much of a difference, and if the $300 difference is really a worthy investment. Thoughts?

    I have a few days to make up my mind.

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    Cheapest after market 64GB SSD is about $580, so get it now instead of later. Many switched to Rev B because 64 ended up like 45GB of usable space to install everything. Even the 80GB will probably be small for me but I have a desktop to serve my files.

    Really depends on what your needs are, as I have more than one laptop its not that much of a concern for me to have less space.

    You will have both in your hands to live with for 2 weeks
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    This price is extremely tempting. Must... resist... temptation.
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    Hey Jude

    I don't imagine that I will use the computer for anything power intensive: iTunes for music, synching my iPhone, photos, videos, etc. I currently own a white MacBook that I will most likely sell and pick up an iMac for those times when I need more power.

    I guess 64GB should be quite enough, but I wondered if I would really realize an advantage in any other area opting for the SSD over HDD.

    Thanks for your input, Justit.


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