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Refurb Macbook Air - Shipping

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mexxdude, Mar 23, 2011.

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    I am planning on getting the refurb macbook air from the Apple online store. I know that new macs are shipped from China. What about refurb? I would assume they are shipped from the US? Thanks
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    I'm interested to know the answer to this as well.
    Does anyone here know from where it was being shipped?
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    Mine was shipped from us brand new though
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    I purchased a MBA refurb a little over a month ago, and it was shipped out from somewhere back east.
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    How long was the shipping time? I am leaving for a month-long trip in two weeks and would like to get it by then.
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    From ordering to delivery, a little over a week (if you wanted it quicker you can also request 2-day delivery for an additional fee).
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    I just purchased a refurb MBA and here is where it was shipped from: Harrisburg, PA
    The free shipping is 5 business day via UPS
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    Mine refurbished MBA 1.86/4/128 was shipped from LEWISBERRY, PA. I am in Northern California and it took exactly 7 days from the order date for me to receive it via free shipping. It was a very torturous wait...lol..
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    Talking about torturous... I was to receive mine today 3/23 but look what I seen when I checked my UPS tracking today:
    Redmond, WA, United States
    1:00 A.M.
    Train derailment.

    Should be here tomorrow!:D
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    Thanks guys for the reply. I just placed my order for a refurb 13.3/1.86/4/128FLASH. The estimated delivery date is between 3/29 to 4/2, which is before my trip. Let's hope there will not be a train derailment for me!!:p
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    Cool! Enjoy your new toy during your trip! :)
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    Just placed my order as well! I had been lurking on the refurbished store for awhile, waiting for this specific model to show up and finally I got mine ordered.

    However, I chose the 2-3 day shipping and it says shipping 3/30 to 4/5. That seems pretty slow to me. Is that regular with Apple shipping?
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    I ordered my refurb and it took about 7 days to arrive to CA from PA. Comes in a white box and requires signature. Don't do the pre-sign thing on Apple's website, otherwise you might lose your refurb. Even though it comes in a white box, there's still a sticker outside that clearly indicates what the contents inside are.
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    Lol ouch

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    Ordered my refurb yesterday as well. Same model as above. Must be a popular one cause they are usually hard to find. :D Mine said 3-5 days to ship, but my status already changed to "prepared to ship" on the apple site, so I am hopeful it will go out sooner than expected. Otherwise, the expected delivery date is also listed as 3/29-4/2. :p
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    I will second this....I did the pre-sign thing and all was well, mainly because my front door has almost like a cubby area where they typically leave packages, but the box clearly said it was a MBA from apple. This was a bit nerving especially since it delivered early....don't do pre-sign, ship to your work if possible.
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    By the way, anyone know how long something takes to ship out once the status changes to "prepared for shipping" ?
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    Mine shipped from Harrisburg, as well (to NYC). What was nice is that FedEx Ground delivered it on Saturday (I ordered it on Thursday with the standard "free" shipping).

    Mine went to that status about an hour after I ordered it (in the morning). It shipped out late that night.

    It says that on the packing slip. Anyone inclined to open the packing slip is also inclined to take it anyway, regardless of what's in it. That kind of theft is covered by a typical renter's or homeowner's policy (after a deductible, of course). I second the idea of sending it to a work address if possible. My building has a doorman so I sent it to my apartment.
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    Wow, I have never heard of a train derailment delaying a package, but I guess it happens!

    Let's just hope that it doesn't require your "new" MacBook to get refurbished again ;)
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    I was under the impression that all refurbs came from within the US. I thought they refurbed ALL of them here.
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    Coo deal, enjoy the new toy!
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    Worth it.

    Train derailment, hope the MBA's operational.:apple:

    It sure takes awhile but it's worth it. Mine took from Feb 23, 2011 9:32 AM From LEWISBERRY, PA until Mar 1, 2011 1:23 PM Delivered to CA.

    White box left outside my door with labels on the sides indicating it's an MBA with the ordered specifications. Get it delivered to your work if you're not home.

    All good inside, came with a white slipcase with " Apple Certified " in silver, contained the power cords, apple stickers and manual. Mba was covered in plastic and thin white tissue type paper covered the display.

    I guess you get everything except the MBA box.

    $aved $250 towards my iPad 2 (refurbished of course).
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    Amusingly I also live in Washington State, also ordered a 13" MBA Ultimate refurb and also had my package delayed due to a train derailment.

    Hopefully it will be delivered today :D
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    :D it was delivered yesterday and all is well. Second day playing with it and love this little thing!
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    I am convinced they sell a lot of brand new Macs in the refurbished store, but most people don't realize it... and Apple makes a fortune either way. I think people are crazy to not buy refurbished when they wait long enough that the Macs are in the refurbished store... for instance when first introduced they're not in the refurbished store.

    I love Apple refurbished! I just wish I wasn't a sucker and would wait for them more often.

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