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Refurbed iPod Minis available at Apple Store!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by rockthecasbah, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Apple is now offering iPod Minis (first and second generations) in their Refurbished Store! First gen (8 hour battery life) is offered for $149 in blue, pink, silver and green, whereas the second gen (18 hour battery life) is on sale for $159 in silver, blue, and green. So basically that's 1 hour per dollar more (US) and lack of choice of pink for the 2nd gen. That's a bargain to me!

    Sounds like a pretty good deal to me for someone that just wants a great player and doesn't care about it being "cutting edge", eh? :)


    Apple Refurb Store
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    Yes, that does sound like a good deal. I would buy one, but i already have my faithful little shuffle, sitting right here. Its enough for me :cool:
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    That is so true, everyone would have more than one ipod, but its just not needed. they get the job done right, don't ya think?

    The Dulcimer-
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    I'd like to know why they are doing this...
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    Well I would think it's obviously because the minis are discontinued and they're trying to get rid of excess stock.
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    and i guess they have sorted out what they predict they may need for any repair / exchanges if there was a problem with someone's mini that they bring in.

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