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Refurbished Haswell MBA

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mounties99, Jul 29, 2013.

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    Hey gang,

    I'm in the market for a MBA for school but I've currently got a 15" MBP so it's not very urgent. I was wondering if anyone had a rough idea as to when Apple starts releasing current gen hardware into their refurb'd store. I can take advantage of the education pricing right now but the discount isn't really all that attractive compared to the refurb prices.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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    I'd start checking now. It's been over a month and returns should start trickling back into the retail system as refurbs by now.

    Though for the moment, it seems they're chock full of 2012 models. Most likely they'll try to clear those out before putting any 2013s up for sale.
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    Keep in mind that with the tax Apple charges you, you could also buy a new model at an out of state store for about the same price.

    I'm not into tax avoidance, but when you are a student, you need all the help you can get...seeing how all the banks and college towns look at you as a captive audience, to get sucked dry...

    My favorite place to shop
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    ...as do the cities (Detroit), states (CA) and federal govt.
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    However, if you happen to live within say, half a gas tank's driving distance to an Apple store in a no-sales-tax state, you could get the refurb AND have it shipped to that store, having your cake and eating it too.
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    I was referring specifically to students.

    Adults should know that taxes are what we pay for civilized society …
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    if you do live in a non tax state i would go to best buy. there on sale for like 1045 or something like that. and then they give you 100 off plus i got a 100 dollar itunes gift card. a little bit better the bhphoto
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    What a quaint, naive and incorrect belief.
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    FYI, there is a forum for political viewpoints and beliefs. I was answering the OP's question. You are starting to hijack this thread into a completely different topic.
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    No, you were not just 'answering the OP's question.'

    You started the political commentary with '...seeing how all the banks and college towns look at you as a captive audience, to get sucked dry...'.
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    Unfortunately, I live in the most taxed state of all, Canada.

    I appreciate everyone's input. I think I'm going to try and hold out as long as I can for the refurb'ed 2013 MBAs but it's going to be difficult to no impulse buy.

    Also, if you're a compulsive refurb store checker like I am, refurb.me does a great job of telling you what's in stock, when it was last in stock and a pricing history.
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    Honestly, for the $100-150 you'd be saving by buying refurb, I'd almost say it's not worth waiting and playing refurb roulette. For the price of buying new you're getting one stressor taken off your back, and you get to use the latest MBA for a longer period of time before it becomes "last year's tech."
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    The refurbs are great if they're available, but it's hard to tell when the Haswells will make it into the refurb store.

    If you bought a maxed out 13" Haswell MBA using your education discount, the cost would be $1,749 before tax. A comparably spec'd refurbished mid-2012 MBA currently goes for $1,449, or $300 less. If you count the $100 iTunes card, the difference becomes $200.

    Maybe some other forum folks can speak to this, but I don't know if you'll see that steep of a discount on the refurbished Haswells right away (the aforementioned 2012 MBA goes for $2,199 new). The 34 percent discount on the 2012 model probably wasn't on day one when it appeared in the refurb store -- I suspect it was a gradual increase in discount.

    But if you really want to wait on the refurb, go right ahead. I think Apple's back-to-school program runs through Sep. 6, so if you decide to go with a brand-new model, that's the date to pull the trigger by -- no point leaving free cash on the table!
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    Cheffy Dave

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    Cheffy Dave

    bought nothing but refurbs, not a clinker in the bunch
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    Oh, I'm not saying Apple refurbs are bad quality-wise. On the contrary. The problem is the delay in waiting for the exact model the OP wants to finally show up... and order it before it's snatched up by others.
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    I have bought a number of refurbs from Apple; all have been A #1 quality. As pointed out however, when you see them on the store, only a limited number are available, and you have to act relatively fast or else they are gone.


    Have you added anything of value to this thread? Besides arguing like my 9 year old sister?
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    OP: No one on MR knows what Apple's schedule is for adding current models to the refurb store. Not sure why you'd think anyone would.

    Good for your sister.
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    If the time I waited for the 2012 MBA took to turn up in the refurb store after release is any indication, you'll be waiting for months.
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    That's (unfortunately) quite true.

    Also, my opinion is, the new MBA is so much better than the previous generation, it would not be worth saving $100 or $x00 buying the previous model. The newer one (better chip, much better graphics, and hugely better battery life) is definitely worth the extra bucks...er, loonies, in your case ;)
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    Alright, you've all convinced me. Going to pull the trigger on one tomorrow.

    Thanks for everyone's input!
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    No problem! I'm sure you won't regret it. :)
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    Cheffy Dave


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