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Refurbished ibooks

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by Cabrini715, Mar 6, 2005.

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    Hey guys, I just purchased a refurbished 12in, 1.2ghz ibook from apple. I'm not totally sure what to expect when I get it, condition-wise. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks...
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    Good Choice...

    Although my refurb pB had some issues, It all worked out in the end... peep my thread here :D
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    Do you think it's going to look brand new and all?
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    It will look brand new, if there was any physical wear Apple usually replaces the worn parts. Besides you have the 1 year warranty and you can extend the warranty another 2 years if you choose. Refurbs are a good bargain, you will hardly be able to tell the difference between new and old.
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    :eek: I would be too nervous to by a refurbished notebook, unless I knew th person that had previously owned it and I knew that they took care of it. But otherwise I'd be scared to buy one! :eek:
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    I thought the same way too, but when you think about it, Apple gives you 90 days of free phone support and a year warranty.

    I'm going to buy AppleCare for it and the money I saved from buying a refurb is gonna cover that. All in All, I gotta pB with maxed out RAM and AppleCare for less then $2000. To me, that's a good deal.

    If it's your first Mac, buy new, and be done with it. If you wanna save some money go refurb. Hope this helps... :D
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    Also, there are some cases when people have gotten refurbs with a bigger HD & more RAM at NO CHARGE.

    Hopefully, that'll be me on my next refurb purchase... :)
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    I'm just hoping when it comes, there's no wear and tear on it, like blemishes and scratches or discolorations. If it comes a bigger hard drive and extra ram like some cases, wow that would be awesome! Along with the 1 year warranty, refurbs come with all the original disks, manuals, battery etc. right?
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    Mine had a few smudges, and VERY faint hairline scratches. Nothing to stress over.

    You get ALL that.

    However, I didn't get Apple stickers and a free Blank DVD-R
    that comes with pB w/ superdrives... No Biggie.

    It'll be OK, you'll save ca$h, and you'll have a new MAC. Just remember to get the AppleCare later on AND use the 90 free phone Tech support, if needed.

    Also, if you do have issues and have to go to the Genius Bar, make an appointment from home BEFORE you go. Sometimes you can be waiting for an hour... :eek:

    Hope this helps!

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