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Refurbished iPhones

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Apple is now offering refurbished iPhones at the Apple Store.

    Both 4GB and 8GB models are available for $399 and $499, respectively. This is $100 off their full retail price.

    Article Link
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    Spanky Deluxe

    Sweet! I wonder how long they'll last though!
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    That's pretty sweet. Still. there's nothing like opening a box of a brand-spanking-new apple product.
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    Nice, but still would want to have it brand new, with the smell and so... but big price change.
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    Now that is awesome! As much as I'd like to get a brand-spanking-new one with $100 off that means I'll be able to order it like a month sooner than planned! :D
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    I wouldn't buy one from the online store, I would be to scared of it coming all scratched and broken.
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    My friend just bought a refurb iPod and I thought that he bought it brand new until he told me. It looked pristine. If there was a problem like scratches with it I'm sure you could return it right away.

    This will be my route with a $100 discount flying my way.

    Now my contract just has to end.
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    So you'd pay $100 more for the smell? :rolleyes:
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    Remember, MovieCutter... Some of these people probably played a ton more for the color of their MacBook, too.;)
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    one of those phones is probably my fixed one they replaced
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    If i had the money i would pay 100 more just for the smell, but i don't have an iphone because not really a need and of living in Europe.
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    Well, at least Apple is being honest. They could just repackage them and sell as new like some manfacs do.

    I bought a new Toshiba (checked the tape) from CC a few months ago and the screen was scratched up with fingerprints on it. Obviously not new.
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    Uhh I'm 99.9% sure that's illegal...
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    make that 100%.

    Refurbs are generally units that are returned before being used (either unopened or literally showing not one sign of usage), or they are devices that fail the suite of stress tests that they have to get through to be certified to sell. My dad used to work for Dell, and they would put the machines on this "shaker" to simulate them being bounced around in their box and even being mildly dropped. I believe they run computer hardware/software tests after that. I would imagine that something similar is done with the iPhones. When a device fails any test the first time, they attempt to repair the problem, or just re-test it. If if passes the second time, they sell it as a refurb. I believe that unused returns also have to be re-tested.
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    When Apple sells refurbished iPods and iPhones, they come in a completely new enclosure, and sealed in the box, just like a brand new iPod or iPhone. They have their own 1 year warranty. As far as appearance and packaging, you really can't tell it's not brand new. Most of these will have come from the statistically small number of iPhones that may have been DOA, needed repairs, or had some other kind of service issue. Yes, it's refurbished and legally not new. But it's not going to come "all scratched and broken".
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    Can you buy AppleCare for it?
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    $100 off is better than I was expecting. $399 for a 4GB phone is starting to tempt me. I really do dislike my S/E phone. what to do, what to do.... (rhetorical) :)
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    I would be willing to bet no one could tell the difference between a new and refurbished model. Both come in new packaging, no scratches, full warranty and operates exactly the same as a new one. This is an excellent savings for future iPhone users.

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    Not long I bet ;)
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    Um, you might wanna rephrase that - all refurbished products only have 90 day warranty. Including the iPhone.

    Scratch that- 90 day telephone support is what I saw. They have the 1 year limited warranty..
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    This is very tempting. However, i am still going to hold out for the REV. 2, or the Nano iPhone [which ever comes first].
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    You dislike your S/E?! Why?! Beyond the iPhone I think Sony Ericsson makes the best mobile phones. Even better than the iPhone for some folks.

    Quick question: Does Apple Canada also sell refurbs? If they're as good as you say I might jump on one for my next Apple product.
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    hey! :D
    Well, at least my blackbook doesn't change colors on the palm rest.
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    Refurbs come in plain brown boxes from Apple. Not original packaging.

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