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Refurbished MBA Air 11" Ultimate Impressions

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by donster28, Mar 14, 2011.

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    Just got my refurb after waiting only a day of regular shipping!

    This is my first refurb MacBook and I gotta say, it's perfect in every way the moment I unpacked it from the somewhat bland white packaging.

    Everything appear brand spanking new down to the last plastic wrap.

    All this for a total savings of $200!!!

    If all goes well from here, I can assure you that this is not my last Apple refurb.

    Anyway, sorry for a meaningless post. I just thought of venting my excitement. :)
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    What day did you order it from Apple? I placed an order for a refurbished 11" MBA 'ultimate' on Thursday, got a shipment notification email on Friday but my tracking number still isn't even working.

    Glad to hear you are happy with it, I am even more excited now!
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    Enjoy your purchase. Let us know what you think about it after you've had some time to put it through your normal paces.
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    I actually ordered it last Thursday just like you and the tracking did not work until this morning ...that's when it said it's on a truck for delivery! I noticed that the package came from a local Apple warehouse just close to where I live. this might explain why I got it really fast.

    Good luck to you. I'm sure yours will be there very soon ...you won't be disappointed with it. :)
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    Thanks! :)

    For sure, I'll post an update here once I put it through it's paces.
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    What a great saving you made. Enjoy it!
  7. donster28, Mar 14, 2011
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    Thank you. :)
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    Just found out my unit was manufactured this month (March 2011) and according to Coconut Battery, the battery has 7 cycles on it already (doesn't bother me).

    Could the manufacture month be the re-furbishment month? Anybody knows?
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    the manufacturing month is based on the serial, apple issues new serials to refurbs. but the battery is true 7 is nice, my 11 inch refurb had 3 so same boat nice and low
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    Ahhh...thanks for the info. :)

    I'm still thinking if I should calibrate the battery or not but it doesn't hurt to so I'll probably do it.

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