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Refurbished MBA buyers, how long did it take you to get yours?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hcho3, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I placed an refurbished MBA 11.6 just abou 20 minutes ago on 2/8/2011.

    I am just wondering how long it will take me to get it.

    How long did it take you guys to receive your refurbished MBA? I hope I get it by this week. Today is end of Tuesday. Maybe by Saturday? Perhaps????
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    I ordered mine on 2/4...received mine today.

    Unfortunately going back tomorrow.
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    I ordered mine at 5pm today, so we'll see...;)
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    May I ask why? You were not happy with the product or this refurbished unit was crap?
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    The MBA I received made a clicking noise when I turned it on....it almost sounded like a hard drive.
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    So to make sure I understand. Does this noise happens when you turn it on only? Or the sound goes on and on and on?

    I had that kind of problem with my old HP laptop. The hard drive was making noise constantly.
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    Ordered 1AM 2/10
    Shipped Afternoon 2/10
    Received 2PM 2/11

    Paid for the overnight shipping and was not disappointed! :]
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    Two business days standard free shipping. Ordered base 13
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    Three business days standard free shipping. Ordered max 11"
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    How are you guys getting overnight and two day shipping? i order my refurb on Feb 4th and was told I would get it until the 11th about 7 days later... I asked about overnight shipping and he said it wouldnt make sence to get because it stays at the factory (or where ever it is) to have test ran on it first before shipping...
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    not sure, when i got my confim. email it just said it would arrive feb9-12. I havent tried to track it yet as i just order this afternoon. so we'll see...
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    I ordered mine yesterday (2/8) too and it already says prepared for shipment. Hopefully I'll get it by the weekend :).
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    It went on and on and on...only happens when it's on.
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    Mine took 3 days excluding weekends where couriers do not work in Ireland.
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    Ordered Monday morning and received Thursday morning via free FedEx Ground.
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    Ordered 11" ultimate refurb on 2/7 around 2pm, it was shipped the same day, on the truck for delivery today (2/9) via the free FedEx.
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    You guys are talking about REFURB MBA right? Not new because with new you can get faster delivery. Refurb I was told its a different process. Maybe he didn't know what he was talking about. Oh well maybe I'll get it before I leave for vacation after all....fingers cross
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    I ordered mine 3:00AM EST today and it was picked up for delivery same day I got overnight shipping so it should be here tomorrow.
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    Why would you be "told". If you go to the refurb site, and place an order, you have the option to pay extra for over night or 2 day delivery.
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    Mine took nearly two weeks to Phoenix. FedEx ground is slow, doesn't deliver on Mondays, and this was over New Years Day, so kind of a perfect storm for a long delivery time.
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    My refurb 13" MBA shipped out of PA on Feb03, arriving CA Feb10. Supposedly, the snow in Memphis slowed down some of Fedex shipments.
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    I ordered mines over the phone. I had to use different credit cards.
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    Yes, refurb 13" base model; ordered online at 4:30 a.m. Monday, received 11:00 a.m. Thursday via normal free shipping. Sorry to hear yours isn't as fast.
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    I ordered last night, but it's still stuck at "prepared for delivery." :(
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    Ordered last night at like 10PM eastern. Mine shipped out today. Fed ex will deliver it tomorrow. Can't wait.

    However, it seems like it depends on which model you ordered. If you order 1.4GHz/4GB/64GB SSD model, then you are in for a longer wait. That model is the most popular one.

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