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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by jaythebull, Apr 25, 2011.

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    I am getting ready to purchase my first Apple & have decided to go with the MBA 11". As a long time PC user - I've always purchased my PCs/laptops as refurbs from Dell. What is the consensus on a refurb MBA purchased from the Apple store online?

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    Jolly Giant

    refurbs are great. my iMac, for instance, is one.

    IMHO, refurbs are better than new units. if you can get a hold of a refurb, i'd go for it.
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    The ones that are listed as:
    Refurbished MacBook Air 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
    Originally released October 2010

    These are the most current ones correct?

    Thanks again for your help.
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    Yes, these are the latest. +1 on refurbs..and you can pick one up for around $850!
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    Ive bought 2 refurb airs and have a refurb 24" monitor....there is absolutely nothing wrong with these products, and the fact that the warranty is no different than brand new products makes these machines worth it 100 fold. Only time I wont buy refurb is when im buying a "just released" product since refurbs dont exist at that point....
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    :D I get my 11" refurb tomorrow and I can't wait; I already have a 16gb usb flash drive full with updates for it so I don't have to download them! I love Apple refurbs, cheap(er than new) and fantastic as they've been tested to higher standards!
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    Are you tempted to wait as new new MBA 11" may have larger SSD/RAM?
    I'm in the same boat. I purchased the MBA 11" refurb, but upset the new MBA 11" might have 256GB/8GB. I really need the extra space, so i'm torn..

    :apple:MBP 2010
    :apple:MBA 11" (for now)
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    Russianmob, probably not directed at me, but I'm not bothered about specs, it's ultraportable (what I need in a notebook these days, sadly) and from what I read, quite fast. 11" 128gb refurb cost me the same as the 64gb spec one new, so I'm very happy! :)
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    Doubt you'll be seeing 8GB RAM in MBA anytime soon so I wouldn't stress too much over that
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    Technically very feasible, but Apple won't do it.
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    Cheffy Dave

    Buy with confidance, never had a problem:cool:
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    Great! I'll go ahead and place my order today. I appreciate the help.
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    We have bought 6 Macs over the past 2 years and all were refurbs. I really don't understand it but they are indistinguishable from new ones. You can buy a refurb with complete confidence.
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    I bought my first Mac.

    It was a refurbished MacBook Air.

    Visually you can't tell that it was used/returned etc.

    I would be confident and buy another refurb. I would think that refurbs go through a thorough check (even moreso than a new comp) before being released to the wild.

    Buy with confidence!
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    :D I got my refurb 11" today (I received the base mid spec one, 1.4/2/128) and it's -fantastic- it's tiny, weighs nothing at all (it weighs less than my iPad and I can't work out how!) and it's pretty damn speedy too! Mega pleased!
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    I've bought an ultimate 13", new. The bottom makes creaking noises. Hate that. I think I'd better bought a refurb, because a double checked laptop (post-manufacturing quality control + another one before releasing it as a refurbished product) and a thus a solid build quality means a lot more for me, than the glory of opening the new box.
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    Mine does this too. It also makes a popping noise occasionally. I plan to take it to a genius at some point to ask him to tighten the screws!
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    guys, sorry for the offtopic.

    Yep, the popping noise as well. I've bought a pentalobe screwdriver from ifixit, and tried to tighten the screws properly. Didn't solve the problem, but messed up the heads of the screws - the screwdriver doesn't turn them anymore.

    I've thoroughly researched this matter and found out that the screws should be put in a special order (the peeps here at macrumors helped me to find the whole macbook air technician guide, here's the link: So I ordered original replacement screws through ebay and plan to make it good this time, using the guide and the new screws. If it won't help - I'll take it to the Apple Service Center once again and ask to replace some parts or the whole computer (the first time they tightened the screws and made the creaking slightly less evident, but didn't solve the problem completely).
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    I would be interested in knowing how this works out!
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    I am currently waiting for the replacement screws to arrive from Hong Kong. It will take a week or two for the package to be delivered. I will then try to screw them in, and then write back about it.
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    Got the shipping notice last night - looks like it will be here Thursday. Pretty excited - this being my first Mac.
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    The Samurai

    Refurbs are generally brand spanking new machines - you won't be able to tell the difference.

    Enjoy :D
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    You're going to love it.

    My PC has been relegated to glorified torrent machine status.
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    refurb is great, i really like this idea save loads of money

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