Refurbished mid-2013 Macbook Air 13" now available

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Bryanw3535, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Didn't know if anyone was waiting for these, but they're here. At least as of the time of this writing.

    Have at it, folks!
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    Thats a good price


    sold out
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    And just like that, they're gone. Keep checking back, y'all.

    They were $929.00 in case anyone's wondering.

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    They showed up for the first time 9/20
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    Ah, good to know. This was the first I've seen of them, and MacRumors didn't do a blog post like they did when the mid-2013 11-inchers debuted in the refurbished store.
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    According to
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    Yeah you have to watch that site like a hawk. refurbme is not quick enough either IMO.

    I lucked out Thursday with a i7 8GB/256GB for 1319. Right before that there were zero 13", then bam there were 12 different ones. Then bam all gone again.

    Ended up delivering the very next day to boot!
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    Ah, nice. Today's was just the 128GB, which is too small for me.
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    Artful Dodger

    I just picked one up on Thursday, got it today. 13" 512 ssd, 8GB RAM, 1.7 i7 and I have to say the screen is way brighter than the ones in the Apple Store for some reason. That is a good thing and they are a great deal as refurbs :D
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    Glad to hear you like it! Mine should be here tomorrow (same configuration) :).
    I was able to get one of those that showed up for a short time on the refurbished store last week. Very excited to see it!
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    So we are part of the Sept 26th Refurb group!

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