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Regent St in stock

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by jimN, Oct 6, 2010.

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    20 on the shelves. Seems a lot of interest. Staff genuinely surprised to see it there this morning, a lot don't know what it is.

    On first floor by Time capsules and keyboards. Turn left at top of stairs.
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    only 20?:O think thay are sold out by now:(
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    As i was leaving they seemed to have restocked the shelves or just pulled all the stock to the front. If all the shelves were full they would have been 24 left.

    Always worth giving a go. Now have mine running.

    woo hoo.
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    Just picked one up from Regent St at 12:25, still plenty on the shelves. Thanks for the tip guys!
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    my friend picked up one in the new apple store and they had 3 left
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    I assume that you are referring to the Covent Garden store.
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    yes. i think my friend buyed one there:) he is in london in an applestore and it was only 4 left. so it cant be regent st.

    i get the apple tv on sunday. cant wait:D

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