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Regent Street, London

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ageha, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Do they have already a few display models in London's flagship store?
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    They didn't this afternoon. I stopped in and asked a few reps a few times this week when they were coming in and got different answers. One guy on Tuesday said Friday. I think they get a big shipment and don't know until they open it what is in the shipment. I'll have a look tomorrow AM and post if they do have them in stock. I've a 1.8/64 on order and fear if they have a 1.6/80 in store I'll probably just plump for that. I wouldn't be surprised if stringent UK customs means it takes longer to arrive. I haven't asked microanvika but as a reseller they may have concrete shipping details of their bulk order.
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    Cool, please keep us updated. :apple:
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    Regent Street

    I'm heading up to regent street tonight to pick one up for a friend of mine. I'm just worried they are gonna run out of stock. Anyone feel like reserving one for me?

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    I have the feeling tonight could be already too late.
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    don't seem to be in yet

    I just called the Regent Street and Bluewater Stores. Both don't have stock. But they both said 'we are waiting for shipments to come in'. Sometimes they get them during the day. If its a fedex delivery, I suppose it comes into the store anytime before lunch. Will call again a bit later and try reserve one.
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    Walked into Regent Street at 11:00. No stock, no display. Rep knew they'd been arriving in the US. He said no chance until early next week (no more deliveries). Also, they don't accept any sort of reservations.
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    Not officially ;) :D
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    Deliveries of new models often come in at unexpected times. This was the case with the recent Mac Pro update which arrived around 1pm. These mass shipments are on a different schedule. Unless you spoke to one of the higher-ups, there is no way that the person who answered you knew. I walked in to pickup my Mac Pro (which had been in for several hours), and three salespeople told me they didn't have any yet and to check back in a couple of weeks.
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    True enough, that's why I've been dropping in to check and you can tell some of them are clueless. Still none at 5pm (phone call), this time I was told they were 'expecting' them on Tue/Wed. I think the first sign may be some of the display ad's then display units then a few for sale.
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    You did see that in Soho (NYC) they were telling people they had none on the phone while selling them to walk-ins.
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    I hope UK stores get them in soon- even just display models. I need a new laptop and had settled on a MB until this launched. I'm still not sure if I can justify the extra expense, but I want to see one in the flesh before deciding.

    I'm happy to order online as I may want the 1.8/HDD which stores may not have in general stock, but I need to see it first - I'm not buying blind
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    Would be interested to know if there are any on sale in London, so please keep us updated. :)
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    Has Regent Street gotten any MacBook Air love yet?
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    Ok, the people at the store say "in a week's time."

    No posters or display models up yet.
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    Staff at Regent Street

    Friend popped in today to ask when Air would appear.

    General consensus was they reckon they will get them Weds or Thursday next week. Will keep popping in to let you know.
    Obv though if they have one for sale its MINE ;-P
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    NOT if I get there first! Got my cancel button on the online order mapped to F12... Never before have I been this excited about a laptop! My PA is going to leave me, AND I am the joke of the pub :mad:

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    At Regent Street now. Nothing in yet.
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    I was also there around 1pm - rep said he expected them this week, though he really had no idea. My online order will probably prepare for shipment by Friday so it is a race against time. I should learn to be patient.
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    Anyone been by Regent Street this morning?
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    Confirmed UK sighting. 4 units in Regent St store. None in stock. Expecting 'by the end of the week'. Lots of people around the display units.
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    hmm. worth a trip into town to check out the display model? Bit of a pain but its tempting. will see if any other stores (like brent cross) get theirs this week.
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    MacBookAir stock

    Spoke to Apple salesperson in Regent Street, all the stock was sold in 20 minutes. Its a case of arriving at the right time when the stock comes in as they have no reservation policy;)
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    As of yesterday, they haven't had any for sale.
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    Yep, asked at lunch today, they have none in stock, and have not sold a single unit. Expecting first sellable units Friday.

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